Dive into the Red Sea, Jeddah, onboard a private luxury yacht

It’s still not too late to make plans over the Eid Al Adha holidays…

Looking for a bespoke yachting holiday without the hassle of international travel? Unlock the wonders of the Red Sea and embark on a staycation that combines natural beauty, exhilarating adventures, and unmatched relaxation.

To better your experience, leave the planning in the safe hands of ROAM, a new destination management company from the curators of Cool Inc – a luxury and lifestyle hospitality brand that’s shaping the future of what’s cool in the Kingdom.

Whether you’re a couple or travelling in groups, and whichever way you want to see Saudi Arabia, ROAM can tailor the perfect itinerary. They’ll take care of the accommodation, luxury transport, on-ground experiences, and everything in between.


ROAM yacht

With access to some of the Kingdom’s best yachts, ROAM offers an indulgent three-day weekend package this Eid, exploring the Red Sea, Jeddah, onboard a crewed yacht.

Famed for its stunning coastal scenery, the Red Sea is one of the city’s most worthwhile attractions, punctuated by crystal clear waters, thriving coral reefs full of abundant marine life, as well as mysterious shipwrecks. It is also home to world-class diving, with plenty of opportunities to encounter an array of marine wildlife, including dolphins, mantas, and whale sharks.

ROAM Red Sea

So, here’s a chance for you to take in the picturesque coastline with a skilled photographer onboard to capture this extraordinary moment.

In between sunny sessions on deck, you’ll experience an unparalleled aquatic adventure gliding through the pristine waters of the Red Sea aboard a semi-submersible watercraft designed to resemble the movements of dolphins and sharks. Watch in awe as a sea breacher leaps out of the water or gracefully dips below the surface, reaching speeds of up to 80km/h.


And if you’re brave enough, you’ll hang out with a diverse shark species guided by experts. Safely admire these majestic creatures from a custom-built surface shark cage and learn from marine biologists about the vital role sharks play in the Red Sea’s ecosystem.

Get ready to set sail on an adventure of a lifetime with these high-end skippered experiences.


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