Riyadh Camping Guide

Best camping sites in Riyadh

Enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature, full of serenity under Riyadh’s sky and shining stars. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, we guarantee an unparalleled experience amidst the golden dunes of the suburbs of Riyadh.If this is your first camping experience in Saudi Arabia, you can start with a visit to one of Tamimi Market branches or Carrefour, as they are large stores that provide camping supplies. Or you can kill two birds with one stone by visiting one of the traditional markets, such as Al Owais Markets. These markets include a variety of shops that provide everything you need for a perfect camping trip, including basics and luxuries while getting to know the traditional culture of the city.After you have prepared for your camping trip, we suggest some special camping sites in Riyadh:

Rawdhat Nourah

Rawdhat Nourah is one of the most serene places. It has a wild environment characterized by its long green grass in spring and winter. These two seasons are the best seasons to visit Rawdhat Nourah for camping and revitalizing your energy It is under the supervision and protection of environmental security, which makes it a haven for its visitors

Rawdhat Nourah

Rawdhat Khuraim has been transformed into a reserve to preserve its innate beauty and remain an environmental masterpiece in all its splendor. Spend a night or two and spend some exceptional time in the lush nature.

Thumama National Park

It is the most popular park, and the companion of all the immortal memories of the people in the region. You can get acquainted with the ideal form of camping, around which service facilities are distributed. You can bring your tent or rent tents equipped for the utmost camping experience

Rawdhat Al-Khafs

Rawdhat Al-Khafs is covered with a green carpet as far as the eye can see. Some plants are known to grow in it, such as the wild Sidr In late autumn until the end of winter, you can have a great camping experience in the beautiful weather


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