AlUla, with its rich details, is a historical mine people seek from all over the world. On its land cultures met, and many civilizations were built, especially at Hegra, the first Saudi site to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List. In its historical landmarks, you will discover hidden stories, as its rocks are full of obscure symbols, exquisite inscriptions and texts leading back to the first century BC. Its land still uncovers one secret after another leading us to new historical deductions every day. Its inhabitants welcome you with smiles and joy, coming from the generosity of the Arab culture. The restaurants here offer your tastebuds a special experience, surprising you with a combination of innovative dishes in front of amazing views. Its unique terrain gives you the chance of living exceptional experiences such as rock climbing, hiking, and camping in the beautiful desert under a starry sky, in addition to seasonal events and musical and cultural activities combining a rich history with a modern taste

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