Traditional Street food at Historic Jeddah

You can’t get the full experience without tasting the traditional food of a city that represents its rich culture and identity The historic Jeddah area, Al Balad, has long been home to multicultural foods in its many best described as cozy and warm, restaurants

You will know that you’ve entered Al Balad when you smell the mouth-watering scents coming from the various traditional restaurants and bakeries handcrafted by specialized locals  We need to warn you, that the smell will give you an appetite even if you aren’t hungry Asides from indulging in the remarkable ancient architecture and delightful conversations with the locals, you won’t fully complete the experience without enjoying the scrumptious foods available throughout the place

Ful Fatah

When you head to the infamous Ful Fatah, the historical design of the place will first catch your eye. The infused smell of a hot Ful dish with freshly baked Tamez bread will capture your smell There are other traditional dishes just as delicious as their Ful served in a perfect meal for any time of the day

Al Saidi Bakery

People who love traditional baked goods especially like to enjoy the delectable rusks Shaborah of the longstanding authentic bakery, Al Saidi Bakery This original bakery was established in the mid-nineties, and since then maintained handmaking the delicious adored original flavours of the traditional baked goods by following the basic traditional means of making them. Asides from its signature rusk, it sells other types of popular baked goods such as Al-Shareq and Al-Futut You will find the bakery near Nassif House and Al-Shafei Mosque

Al Saidi Bakery

Don’t miss a chance to taste the dishes of this restaurant that has been passed on for generations Try out the famous Levantine- style Hummus with a side of eggplant slices or falafels from Hummus Am Jalal in the oldest area of Al Balad. The distinctive taste will haunt you until you, and surely you will come back again for more

Naji AlHarbi

Do you want to taste the original traditional Kababs that were served from the crack of dawn in the midst of the bustling old days Since its origin Naji AlHarbi is still making its specialty the perfected original freshly made Kababs

Al Maqliah Al Baladi

At night-time, try out the well-known and loved dish Al Maqliah, which is a traditional dish made similar to fried fritters‎ made out of a mix of flour chives peppers and cumin This dish is made according to the original recipes from the homes of the city locals, absolutely delicious in  Al Maqliah Al Baladi which would only be your starter to the rest of the delicious food on the menu

Baisa Al Ras Al Mandi

Baisa Al Ras Al Mandi Restaurant represents a unique heritage in the region as one of the leading traditional restaurants because of the method of cooking and serving meat You can choose how you want to enjoy it or taste the original famous recipe

Koshary Abu Tarek

Koshary Abu Tarek restaurant-goers say that its Koshary is equivalent to the original Egyptian Koshary, and remains unaffected by the modernity of the place. The Koshary dish consists of rice pasta lentils and chickpeas, with a tasty special tomato sauce poured over the mixture and topped with crunchy fried onions This branch offers simple outdoor seating on the sidewalks, where you can indulge in your dish amid the sounds of passers-by and sellers coming from the nearby markets that will inspire your sense of belonging to the place


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