The Esports World Cup is two months away

Here’s everything to know about the huge new event

The Esports World Cup has just been unlocked and it’s time to choose your avatar again.

The inaugural event is coming to Riyadh in 2024 and promises to smash multiple records, including having the largest prize pool in the history of esports.

The greatest team in the world will be named at the Esports World Cup and will walk away with a life-changing amount of money.

Does this sound a bit like Gamers8? Well, Gamers8 will now be the Esports World Cup The annual Riyadh gaming event will be revamped with more games, more players and excitement.

Saudi Esports World Cup
The Esports World Cup Trophy was revealed during the New Global Sport Conference. (Credit: X @saudiesports)

Exciting Esports World Cup

What is Esports World Cup?

The championship will feature eight weeks of intense gaming in the most popular games across the globe from all genres. What’s more, the Esports World Cup will also have a unique cross-game competition format combined with a diverse range of activities.

The new annual tournament aims to build on the passion that was seen during Gamers8. So, expect more records, more weeks of gaming and more excitement.

Esports World Cup location

The exact location of the cup has not been revealed yet but we do know that it will be held in the capital.

Esports World Cup dates

The Esports World Cup 2024 will run from Wednesday July 2 to Sunday August 25 and will be a month and half-long extravaganza with clubs battling it across 19 games.

Esports prize money

The winning team will walk about with over a whopping USD60,000,000. The exciting amount was revealed via the championship’s official Instagram on Tuesday April 16.

Esports World Cup tickets

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