Everything we know about Saudi Arabia’s entertainment-fuelled Qiddiya City

A 40-minute drive from Riyadh lies the ultimate playground.

Saudi Arabia’s megaprojects are always spectacular. The latest development, however, is all about fun. Lots of fun. Tucked away amidst the Tuwaiq mountains, Qiddiya City is a 40-minute drive from Riyadh, blending entertainment, sports, and culture into an epic experience.

Sprawling over 360km, this wonderland comes with a community. Not only will this be a tourist destination, but it’ll also house over 600,000 residents. With 25 lively neighbourhoods catering to everyone from the young to the young at heart, this city is tailor-made for every soul.

The real excitement lies in the experiences that Qiddiya City has to offer. Get ready for heart-pounding thrills with 27 attractions and 275 rides in a setting that includes 12 branded theme parks. This collection forms the world’s leading cluster of high-energy tourist attractions, all set against breathtaking natural landscapes. Here’s everything we know about what’s coming to Qiddiya City.

Aquarabia Water Park

Qiddiya’s Aquarabia Water Park will be the first water park in Saudi Arabia and the largest in the Middle East. It will span a massive 250,000 square metres and be home to 22 rides and attractions, four of which will be record-breakers. The rides include Junoon Drop, the world’s tallest water coaster; Speedy Jamezales, the tallest drop body slide; Slithereel, the longest water slide; and Jamal Joom, the longest mat racer. Aquarabia will also feature the first underwater adventure ride, which will feature fully submersible cars. The dedicated watersports zone will offer rafting, kayaking, canyoneering, free solo climbing and cliff jumping, as well as the Kingdom’s first surf pool.

Aquarabia Water Park

Dragon Ball Theme Park

Spread across 500,000 square metres, Qiddiya City’s Dragon Ball Theme Park will have seven distinct areas. From Kame House to Capsule Corporation and Beerus’s Planet, visitors will immerse themselves in the world of Dragon Ball from the moment they step into the park. It has over 30 rides and experiences and five state-of-the-art attractions, including a thrilling roller coaster and a majestic Shenron statue standing at a staggering height of 70 metres. The park will also feature a range of amenities, including themed hotels and restaurants. 

Dragon Ball Theme Park

Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium

Nestled atop a 200-metre-high Tuwaiq cliff, the 45,000-seat Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium will serve as the home ground for Saudi Pro League football clubs Al-Hilal and Al-Nassr. Boasting a retractable roof, pitch, and LED wall, it’s a technological marvel. The LED wall, a portal to live event broadcasts, high-definition films, and laser shows, ensures that every visit is an immersive experience. And when not in use, it opens up to showcase breathtaking views of Qiddiya City. This stadium is also an access point to Qiddiya City’s Gaming & Esport District and will be surrounded by 50,000 square metres of shopping, dining, and entertainment spaces.

Qiddiya City

Six Flags Qiddiya

Qiddiya City will also be home to Six Flags Qiddiya, which boasts 28 rides, shops, dining and entertainment. As this is the first time that the brand is opening in the Kingdom, it is looking to impress. The site includes six themed lands, record-breaking rides and, of course, the world’s longest, tallest and fastest rollercoaster: Falcon’s Flight. The records-breaking rides also include Sirocco Tower, the world’s tallest free-standing shot tower ride; Gyropsin, the world’s tallest pendulum ride; Spitfire, the world’s tallest inverted top hat coaster; and Iron Rattler, the world’s tallest tilt coaster.

Six Flags Qiddiya

Speed Park Track

Qiddiya City’s new Speed Park Track aims to become one of the world’s leading motorsport venues. The track combines functionality with state-of-the-art technology and hopes to host the world’s biggest racing events.​ Located by the Tuwaiq Mountains, the track has been designed by race drivers for race drivers. Austrian former Formula One driver Alex Wurz and German circuit designer Hermann Tilke are behind the design. The circuit makes the most of Qiddiya City’s landscape, and the features range from 21 corners to a 108-metre elevation gain per lap. Rising 20 storeys above ground level, the track has two distinct sections, including a street circuit section and a fast open track section. Both are fully integrated into the neighbourhood and attractions.​ Plus, there are a range of viewing terraces for fans to watch.

Speed Park Track Qiddiya City

Qiddiya City is gearing up to be the next big thing on the global entertainment map. So get ready because it’s nearly time to explore, experience, and embrace the thrills.

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