Riyadh’s Top 5 Board Game Cafes

Whether you’re a fan of classic games or seeking a thrilling challenge, we at Destination have picked some of the best board game cafes in the city and these cafes are sure to provide the perfect setting for quality time with friends and family. With cozy interiors and shelves brimming with board game treasures, these venues cater to all board game enthusiasts. Experience the joy of friendly competition, strategic thinking, and laughter as you explore the wide range of games available. 

Al Saqeefa

Gather your friends and family and head to Al Saqeefa for a fun and competitive game with them. Whether you prefer simple games like Jenga or UNO, or more intense games that involve planning and critical thinking, Al Saqeefa is Riyadh’s favorite for all kinds of board games. 


Sociale Cafe

Good company and old school board games accompanied with delicious dishes? Sociale is your next destination. With an assortment of different menu items and delights, and overall a cozy interior, Sociale is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a good game with loved ones.


Mused Coffeehouse 

Located on An Nada, Mused is one of its kind, with various daily activities and different board games, shelves decked up with an amazing collection of antiques and delectable food drinks options on their menu, it is a coffeehouse with all the good vibes and is definitely worth a visit. 



A charming corner cafe and loved by many, Higanah’s space makes you feel at home and the comfort that surrounds it. With a simple and charming interior, drinks and delights that you would want to share with your loved ones, the cafe is also home to different board games. 



What better way to spend quality time with friends and family than with food and games? DICE does exactly that, with appetizing burgers and fries comes along an intense game of chess, or an exciting round of Ludo. Visiting DICE is definitely worth being on your check list for a one of a kind experience.



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