6 Beautiful Places To Visit In Saudi Arabia During Summer


Though a desert country, there are numerous places to visit in Saudi Arabia during summer. The kingdom offers stunning beaches, mountainous regions, beautiful valleys, and green parks for tourists to enjoy with family. Further, one can indulge in exciting summer activities such as trekking, camping, diving, boating, fishing, sightseeing, etc. Tourists can also visit various amusement parks located all around the kingdom, offering great respite from Saudi heat and turning it into an enthusiastic day.

Climate of Saudi Arabia in summers

Saudi Arabia has an arid-type climate with very high temperatures in the summers. The heat in the desert during the daytime in summers can be unbearable. However, the coastal cities present moderately pleasant weather conditions enabling summer tourism. The southwestern part of the country experiences relatively cooler weather than the rest.

6 Best Places To Visit In Saudi Arabia During Summer

Saudi Arabia has a diverse landscape, including arid deserts, beautiful beaches, steep mountains, and crowded cities with skyscrapers. Hence, it is among the top emerging tourism destinations in the Middle East. Though a desert country, it still offers several places to visit during the summers. The mountains and beaches make for a great summer retreat from the city hustle and bustle.

1. Taif – Cool breeze across mountains


The city of roses, Taif, is among the most visited cities during summers due to its pleasant weather conditions. Al Hada mountain in Taif offers a mesmerizing view of the valleys and houses the longest cable car in Saudi Arabia. Almost 35 km from Taif, the Al Shafa mountains provide the best camping ground in the region that can be reached by road. Visitors can visit the Saiysad National Park and organize picnics and family outings. Another highlight of the region is Al Wahba Crater, apt for adventure lovers. The city has expanding rose fields whose aroma is highly distinctive, making them a must-visit for tourists in Taif.

Top activities: Exploring the mountains, admiring the rose fields, and experiencing the longest cable car

2. Abha – Night camping at Al Souda


Abha has a moderate climate throughout the year and is among the coolest city in Saudi Arabia during summer. It offers splendid views that can be experienced from numerous places like the Asir National Park, Al Souda mountains, Habala Hanging village, and Jabal Thera. Asir National Park has lush green areas and is home to many migratory birds and dense forests. The park also has the highest peak in Saudi Arabia, the Al Souda Mountain. The mountain has an elevation of more than 3000 meters. There is the Al Souda Village nearby, where tourists can experience local markets and the cultural life of people. Further, the region has an old heritage hanging village known as Habala hanging village. Tourists can explore the area for the hidden culture of Saudi Arabia.

Top activities: Visiting various souks, exploring the Hanging Village, trekking, and camping at Al Souda Mountain

3. Umluj – Maldives of Saudi Arabia


Summer in Saudi Arabia is incomplete without a visit to the beaches of the country. One of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia during summer, Umluj offers some of the most renowned beaches in the kingdom. Because of the beauty of this coastal paradise, people refer to Umluj as the ‘Maldives of Saudi Arabia’. The white sand beaches of Umluj are a part of 104 small islands featuring natural springs fit for water consumption. The views of the horizon where the Red Sea meets the sky are breathtaking, and so are the sunsets. This place serves as a haven for nature lovers as visitors can see beautiful palm trees lined throughout the beach. Tourists can also witness migratory birds that migrate to Umluj in order to avoid the harsh winters of their native homelands. For adventurers, there are diving centers where visitors can take dives into the Red Sea. Boating and yachting are not allowed in the area.

Top activities: Spending a day at the beach, watching the sunsets, indulging in scuba diving, and experiencing the authentic seafood of Saudi Arabia

4. Hail – Respite from heat among the two mountains


Situated between the mighty Mount Salma and Mount Shammer, Hail is a famous tourist spot for tourists during the summer season in Saudi Arabia. The mountainous region adds to the pleasant weather condition making it an ideal escape from the hot season. The historical past of the Hail region attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. Visitors can climb beautiful mountains in the north and the south. Further, they can camp in these mountains to enjoy the majestic aura of the surroundings while relaxing near the campfire. Tourists can visit various historical sites like the Aarif Fort, the Qishlah Palace, the Hail Heritage Museum, the Al Rajhi Mosque, etc. The Al Samraa Amusement Park, famous for its green gardens, beautiful lakes, and amazing eateries and food joints, also serves as a great spot for a family outing.

Top activities: Mountain camping and trekking, visit to historical sites and amusement parks

5. Jeddah – Best Scuba diving spots


Jeddah is not only a historic city but also has scenic beauties to attract tourists and visitors around the globe. The city is situated on the coast of the Red Sea and has beautiful beaches and reefs where visitors can relax and indulge in various water activities. Some of the most prominent places are the Jeddah Waterfront, Ann Ann Wreck, Miss Marie Port, Abu Tair Reef, etc. Jeddah Corniche, or the Jeddah Waterfront, is a highly popular tourist spot with the best sand beaches, parks, restaurants, fountains, gardens, aquariums, hotels, and resorts. Visitors can enjoy scuba diving, jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride, and many other water adventure activities at Jeddah beaches.

Top activities: Scuba diving, water sports, and visiting sightseeing places such as Al Balad, malls, and cultural centers

6. Dammam – Relaxing beaches and water sport activities


Though Dammam is a relatively hot region, there are corniches, beaches, islands, and many other entertainment centers to visit during the summers. The artificial Coral Island in Dammam has the Dolphin Village, where dolphin shows are organized at an affordable price. Marjan Island, also known as Coral Island, is the top attraction, where people come to enjoy open spaces and green parks. The Modon Lake Park in Dammam houses the largest industrial lake in Saudi Arabia. The Modon Lake Park has amazing green spaces and outlets to enjoy the picturesque view of the lake.

Top activities: Dolphin shows and the beaches for water sports

Saudi Arabia has some of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia during summer. Owing to the coastal areas of the Red Sea and high rising mountain peaks, the some of country’s cities and regions offer pleasant environments during summers. Further, the regional beauty of these cities promotes exclusive tourism in the summer.


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