8 of the best art galleries in Jeddah for your next culture outing

Here’s where to find outstanding work from local and international artists around the city

In search of top art galleries in Jeddah? There are few better ways to get the flavour of a city than by checking out its resident artists and current exhibitions.

Jeddah and art go back a long way, with some of Saudi Arabia’s most iconic artists displaying their priceless pieces in the city. From paintings to sculptures, Jeddah is a hotbed for established and up-and-coming artists and people come from far and wide to see what’s on offer. We’ve combed the city and found the best places for you to enjoy some of the best art in the area.

Check out contemporary art at Athr Gallery

Since 2009 Athr Gallery has been building the contemporary art scene by showcasing both young and established Saudi artists. Past exhibitions have included the popular Gulf Women and The Carnivalesque, Spacetoones and YSA 2021: Calligraphy Edition. The gallery also hosts regular talks with local artists, which are also streamed live on Zoom. One of the must-visit art galleries in Jeddah.
From SAR50. Office Tower Serafi Mega Mall Street, Jeddah, 

Explore the Saudi Center For Fine Art

You’ll find plenty of art-lovers at this space sharing ideas and learning painting via various different mediums. The oil painting course is popular with adults while children tend to sign up for the watercolour lessons. You’ll also find over 200 pieces of art displayed in the hall area. The Saudi Center For Fine Art has hosted hundreds of exhibitions, which have won the approval of Saudi and Arab audiences in particular. One of the top art galleries in Jeddah, and one of the most interactive, too.
Courses from SAR1,150. Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St, Al Andalus, Jeddah, 

Wander through Hafez gallery

Founded in 2014 this impressive art space shows modern and contemporary art from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The gallery often showcases solo artists including Maryam Tariq’s Remembering the Future. Plan your visit in advance, as exhibitions are limited to ten people at a time – but even if you do have to queue, you won’t be disappointed.
Free. Ahmad Ibn Abbas Ar Rawdah, Jeddah 23435, 

Sample the delights of Medad Art

This gallery prides itself on supporting and developing young artists by holding events, exhibitions and activities. The space is well known in the art community for hosting successful events where artists can display their work in a unique open space that attracts the attention of passers by. There is also an elevated platform for artists to show their best piece.
Free. Alsharafeya, Jeddah 23216, 

Feel the vibe in EFREEZ Art Studio

Highly valued by all creatives in Jeddah the EFREEZ is a platform and store that helps artists get their work out there to those in the city. Works vary from paintings to jewelry to ceramics and other unique items. The studio has been in operation since 2015 and has allowed artists to sell their work and give collectors a place to see and buy the work. All work by local artists is original and meets international standards.
Free. Kaab Ibn Ajrah, An Nuzhah District, Jeddah 23532, 

Enjoy the new Hayy Jameel

The space will support new artists with huge exhibitions around the three-storey building. There is a dedicated studio for artists to come and create their masterpieces along with Hayy Learning, a space for workshops and talks.
Free. Jameel House of Traditional Arts, Al Dhahab, Jeddah, 

Experience exhibitions at Nesma Art Gallery

Since opening in 2014 Nesma Art Gallery has become a favourite with local artists for the numerous exhibitions held at the wonderful art space. The gallery is a hive of activity and has featured the work by iconic Saudi artists Abdullah Hamas who merges contemporary and post-modern art in his work. Young female artists’ work is regularly on show here giving up-and-coming artists a platform to showcase their masterpieces.
Free. 7686 Darwish Kayyal, AR Rawdah District, Jeddah 23422, 

Walk around the Jeddah Sculpture Museum

Modern art lovers often visit the open-air collection of magnificent sculptures by the likes of Henry Moore, Alexander Calder and Joan Miro. The museum also houses work from Saudi artists such as Maha Mullah and Salah Abdulkarim. As the sculptures are exposed to the elements they were painstakingly restored in 2011 bringing them back to their perfect condition to be enjoyed by art fans for many years to come.
Free. 2903 Al Kurnaysh Rd, Al Hamra District, Jeddah 23321,


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