Al Shallal Theme Park

Jeddah is known for its lively ambiance, and its joyfulness is reflected in the amusement and theme parks. When you pass through the North Cornish, you won’t miss seeing one of the most exciting and thrilling rides, the rollercoaster which appears from Alshallal theme park and you’ll definitely hear shouts of excitement coming from other rides

Skating Ice Rink

When you step into Alshallal theme park and as you get your entry ticket, you will be filled with amazement as you observe all the colorful lights all around the park. You will surely be excited to start your adventure, starting with the high-altitude skating rink, which is surrounded by restaurants and seating areas. It allows you to watch your kids ski and to take great photographs or even share the experience with them

Amazon Forest

Adjacent to the ice rink is the fascinating Amazon Forest. You can sail on a boat ride that runs into it revealing its hidden gems. The electronic games and the children’s rides are on the first and second floors of the indoor, conditioned part of Alshallal

The moment you walk out to the outdoor part of the park, you will feel the refreshing air of Jeddah mixed with the aroma of the sea rejuvenating your soul while listening to the water of the lakes filled with adventurers’ boats, and the rolling waterfalls on the brown rocks that reflect the essence of Jeddah, it’s Red Sea

Sunset and Adrenaline 

You will stop and wonder as you stroll around; what ride should I start with? There are a lot of special and exciting rides that will let you enjoy seeing the Red Sea waves under the sparkling sunshine or neon lights

And if you are lucky enough, get on the big ship at sunset, or the ferris wheel for a quieter experience. However, if you want more exciting, higher adrenaline experiences, the rollercoaster, slingshot, and free-fall (over the lake) await you

Sunset and Adrenaline 

If you’re a science fan, you should try the zero-gravity ride in which you experience how high your body can float in the air, and you will feel the freedom to control your body’s movements and height from the ground. You will understand why Abbas Bin Fernas insisted on flying

At one corner of Alshallal, you can see the white dome shining under the spotlights, forming an irresistible aura. History will turn back time for you as you see a replica spacesuit worn by Prince Sultan bin Salman, the first Arab Muslim astronaut who launched the Arab SAT II satellite. And you’ll also have a short induction tour of our giant galaxy and its astonishing planets, and maybe your steps will lead you to the big screens that will surround you from all sides as you sit on a bench having an extraordinary experience in domains that have been out of sight and only in human imaginations

Leaving the park

Before you leave the park, don’t forget to get a souvenir from the kiosks of Alshallal; keeping the memory of the most entertaining places in Jeddah

About Alshallal

The location of Alshallal is marked by its breathtaking view of the Red Sea, and just a few kilometers away is the most remarkable and famous landmark in Jeddah, winner of the Environmental Excellence Award Jeddah Waterfront

The waterfront includes the longest pedestrian bridge in Saudi Arabia, lit at night to reveal Jeddah’s fascination and charm. The waterfront is also full of paintings, sculptures and works of art by local and world artists, so get ready to see an open art gallery mixed with sweet aroma of the sea



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