Al-Urubah Park offers a vision for a greener Riyadh

The development marks a milestone in the Green Riyadh Program.

Riyadh is constantly under development. With its ever-evolving skyline and new dining concepts, the capital is gearing up to be a must-visit city. And now, another exciting project is making its way to the capital as construction kicks off for Al-Urubah Park — one of the largest parks in the Kingdom.

Backed by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City, the construction of Al-Urubah Park marks a significant milestone in the Green Riyadh Program. Strategically located between Prince Turki Road and Al-Ur Road, Al-Urouba Park will span 754,000 square metres, providing a cornerstone of the capital’s urban development.

Al-Urubah Park

Al-Urubah Park is touted to have an innovative design. The park will feature a panoramic path spanning three kilometres and stand at 12 metres high, offering views of the city’s landmarks. Utilising modern technologies, such as augmented reality, the park is designed to be an interactive experience where nature harmonizes with technology.

With over 600,000 trees and shrubs covering 65 per cent of its area, Al-Urubah Park prioritises greenery. Integrated into the initial design stages, permanent water bodies ensure a sustainable ecosystem within the park. Additionally, a 14-kilometre-long walking trail, green terraces, open spaces, and event theatres cater to a range of recreational activities for visitors of all ages.

Al-Urubah Park

Al-Urubah Park is part of a broader effort to bring greenery to Riyadh’s urban landscape. The Green Riyadh Program encompasses initiatives ranging from planting trees in residential neighbourhoods to developing pedestrian walkways and green belts along main roads. As part of the program – which is in line with Saudi Vision 2030 – the park will utilise recycled water for irrigation, embodying sustainable practices at every turn.

As construction commences on Al-Urubah Park in Riyadh takes another step towards a greener, more sustainable future. Details of when this project will be completed are under wraps,

GO: Visit www.rcrc.gov.sa for more information.

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