AlUla Old Town

Going Back into History

Books of travelers since the 12th century talk a lot about the old town of AlUla and its importance in the Hijaz region, as it is the largest ancient city after Makkah

The smell of history and its stories

Its ancient houses, alleys and unique design impress everyone who visits it, as its people built it in a maze-like way, consisting of 900 houses. The adjoining mud buildings constituted a means of protection from enemy attacks

Contemplate the view

Moussa Ben Noussair Castle forms an amazing view of the town’s details. It enables you to contemplate the town’s design, the surrounding farms, and the remaining traces of houses, mosques, and markets. Although the townspeople abandoned it nearly 40 years ago, you will have the opportunity to meet their descendants in its alleys, as they tell tourists the stories of their fathers and grandfathers with pride and nostalgia

Contemplate the view

The site of the old town is characterized by many Islamic monuments, the most important one is Masjid Al-Izam in the southeast of the town. Its foundation is attributed to the Prophet (PBUH) when he stopped there to perform prayer while he was on the way to the Battle of Tabuk. It was called Al-Izam (bones) because its place was marked with bones

Old town markets

Explore more of the old town on the western side of it. There are handicraft shops, souvenirs, clothes, and jewelry, as well as cafes and restaurants serving delicious local dishes

AlUla Old Town on map


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