Best European restaurants in Jeddah 2023

From classic British comforting dishes to traditional Italian plates to totally unique fusion offerings

European cuisine is incredibly diverse, which makes dining at the best European restaurants in Jeddah very interesting. Each country offers something unique. Then you factor in regional specialities and interesting fusions – many of which are reflected in Jeddah’s diverse dining scene. From classic Italian dishes done with the best and most minimal list of ingredients to venues celebrating quintessential British cuisine right here in the Red Sea city.

Best European restaurants in Jeddah

WINNER: San Carlo Cicchetti

Best European restaurants in Jeddah: San Carlo Cicchetti

With a vibrant, elegant atmosphere and impeccable service, Jeddah’s San Carlo Cicchetti is setting a high standard. The Ar Rawdah eatery is specifically focused on ‘cicchetti’ – the Venetian tradition of sharing small plates with friends. We might be in the Red Sea over Venice, but the concept sails, with it enabling you try more of the menu of classic Italian dishes. Most dishes are presented to the table with style and staff have captured the charm of Italy, It’s not just one of the best Italian restaurants in Jeddah, nor one of the best European restaurants. It is the best European restaurant in Jeddah for 2023.
Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St, Ar Rawdah, 

Best European restaurants in Jeddah: The Social Kitchen

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Social Kitchen

Best European restaurants in Jeddah: Tomillo by Sama

An upscale restaurant that follows an international concept focused on Mediterranean flavours. Its menu is a harmonious celebration of bold flavours and quality ingredients that will delight your taste buds. The Social Kitchen strives to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that exudes elegance and sophistication. Of its top dishes, including the salmon tartar, baby gem salad, duck leg confit and berry mess for dessert, will take you on a culinary journey that you won’t forget.
Ar Rawdah, 


One of the best European spots in the city, this elegant restaurant has a signature Mediterranean-leaning menu that cherry-picks highlights across different countries and foodie inspirations then combines them into something special that is singularly Tomillo by Sama and presented with serious style. It’s all the work of chef Sama Jaad. Have one meal and you’ll understand why the Ash Shati venue draws regulars back.
Ash Shati,.

SHORTLISTED: 7 Balkans Bistro

Balkans food is something that we haven’t seen a lot of in the Red Sea city, but 7 Balkans Bistro quickly changing that with top plates. It is one of the best European restaurants in Jeddah to discover something new. Head straight to the Balkans (an area of countries in southeastern Europe including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, to name a few) with plenty of meaty options to suit carnivores. The eatery smokes its own meats in house, and also has a range of products in its mini market that you can bring home with you. Trust us, you will leave with a bag and a stomach full.
Ar Rawdah, 


This isn’t just one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. It’s also one of the best European restaurants in Jeddah overall. Acqua e Sale is a plush venue with gorgeous city views, sleek service and a focus on Italian seafood. The name translates to ‘water and salt’ which two essential ingredients in pretty much every dish. It also highlights the restaurant’s – as well as more broadly Italy’s focus – on using a few top-quality ingredients and coming up with something special.
Ar Rawdah, 


Step inside this bustling Atelier La Vie venue, and be transported on a culinary adventure across continents. The focus is European food, but Asian techniques and ingredients are incorporated to come up with an interesting menu that sets KOA apart. All plates are presented with finesse and refinement by staff who clearly have a passion for their work. Don’t forget to save room for dessert. For being something different, but undoubtedly with roots in Europe, the venue has earned a well-deserved spot on the best European restaurants in Jeddah list.
Atelier La Vie, Ash Shati, 


The Jeddah Boulevard eatery is completely split between an Italian restaurant and an Asian one. Novikov has also been shortlisted in the Best Asian category, but it’s the Italian menu we’re focused on for the Best European restaurant in Jeddah. These are utter Italian classics presented with style and enthusiasm. It’s evident that pros are at work here from the kitchen staff to the serving staff. Head over for a special fine-dining evening, and it will likely prove to be a memorable meal.
Jeddah Boulevard, Ash Shati, 

SHORTLISTED: Sofia’s Bistro

This Al Andalus venue is helping to redefine what we think of is European food in a trendy space with a concept shop next door. Sofia’s Bistro has a clear aesthetic from its menu to its design. Most importantly, the menu – which features everything from tacos to pizza to Vietnamese banh mi, la dolce vita pizza and Tuscan artichoke salad – has mass appeal with people of all ages flocking to fill the tables and enjoy the work coming out of the open kitchen.
Musheera Center, Al Andalus, 


Best European restaurants in Jeddah: Tapas

Tapas are traditionally smaller plates shared with a crowd. This new Al Zahra restaurant isn’t restricted by its name. Gather up your crew and take a seat in the chic, neutral space. Then get ready to feast on plates large and small. Graze across the continent with dishes from Italy, Spain and Greece all on the offer. They’re all presented by amiable staff who are eager for you to enjoy your culinary journey.
Al Zahra, 


Best European restaurants in Jeddah: The Red Fox

Imagine one of London’s classic bistros transplanted to sunny Jeddah, and you have The Red Fox. The British restaurant stays true to traditional British comfort dishes paired with creative mocktails. From fish and chips with mushy peas to an apple crumble you will want to have for all seasons, this casual space is one that you can easily spend the day in. For expats it’s an easy home-away-from home, but the appeal remains whether you’ve been to cheery old England or not.


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