Best grab & go restaurants in Jeddah 2023

Top quick eats in the city

We always seem to be rushing somewhere, but we still want good food. That’s where we can count on the best quick eats in Jeddah. These are the simple but moreish grab-and-go spots that will still leave you fed and crucially satisfied. There are no sad soggy sandwiches here. Remember these top takeaways in Jeddah the next time you don’t think you have time for lunch because you can pick up top quick eats in Jeddah in minutes.

Best grab & go restaurants in Jeddah

Quick eats in Jeddah: Ladan Sandwich Boutique
Quick eats in Jeddah: Ladan Sandwich Boutique

WINNER: Ladan Sandwich Boutique

This isn’t a sandwich shop, but a sandwich boutique. The Ar Rawdah space is focused on elevating the humble sandwich, but without any pretention. Taking its name from the Arabic word for something with a soft texture, the eatery highlights how the bread isn’t just a mere vehicle for the filling. The concept is to showcase flavours of the world so you can expect everything from the ever-popular steak sandwich to a crispy chicken marinara to even empanadas on the menu. Ladan has cracked the code on proper sandwiches and providing an amazing option for quick eats in Jeddah.

Adani Bar
Top quick eats in Jeddah: Adani Bar


If you’re after quick eats in Jeddah, you could head to this casual, cool cafeteria. Open from sunrise to long after sunset, the venue gives patrons plenty of time to grab sandos, shabora and of course coffee and dessert. The Ar Rawdah spot is one where if you have the time, you can pull up a blue chair and dig into an Avo Avo Sandwich, kebab plate and fried carrot cake. If you’re after something quick, you can get it to go and still be able to enjoy the medley of different cuisines and flavours in one plate. These are combinations you likely won’t find anywhere else, and they work.

Best grab & go restaurant in Jeddah: Mojo Dough Box
Best grab & go restaurant in Jeddah: Mojo Dough Box


We love bread in all varieties, especially when it is loaded with different toppings. The Mojo Dough Box carb of choice is dough, hence the name. The concept is wholly focused on effectively pizza cups or muffins that are filled with savoury and sweet toppings. It makes for some of the most moreish quick eats in Jeddah. These are ideal bites for something quick to satisfy your hunger. Yes, they do come in a box. A Mojo Brisket and a Mojo Pepperoni followed by a sweet Mojo Nutella Marshmallow will be enough to keep hunger pangs well at bay. Remember this spot for late-night snacking.

Best grab & go restaurant in Jeddah: B Filled
B Filled


Like the venue says, ‘get ready to be filled’ at this grab-and-go eatery in Jeddah. This spot is on a mission to craft your new favourite sandwich. Its specialty is brioche bread sandwiches. Get ready to be (or should we say ‘b’?) a bit different with unique menu items such as the B>Different with angus beef and marmalade beef bacon and a shrimp and apple sandwich.

Best grab & go restaurant in Jeddah: Biteween


Biteween is another Jeddah fast food spot to have on your radar when you want good grub on the go. Appetisers, salads, sandwiches, burgers and boxes for groups, the Al Zahra spot should have your meal covered. There is a signature burger along with an extensive menu featuring a range of flavours and influences. Case in point: You get everything from brisket tahini to beef stroganoff. Most sandwiches and meals come in at under SAR50. Are you ready to take a bite of some of the top quick eats in Jeddah?

Best grab & go restaurant in Jeddah: Dank


Jeddah loves a super sandwich, and Dank is a Saudi spot that has helped elevate the city’s sandwich scene. (It’s very much a thing.) After launching in 2017, there are now a few branches dotted throughout the city so you can enjoy crowd-pleasers salads and sandwiches like the avocado Dynamite Shrimp, Fajita Chicken and Philadelphia steak sandwiches. The signature white and brown breads are baked daily. No matter your order, don’t forget your Dank sauce. It’s a must for excellent quick eats in Jeddah.

Best grab & go restaurant in Jeddah: Gamba


Get yourself to Gamba the next time you need a bite, but you’re a bit short on time. If you can spare an hour, dine in so you can take aim at the mini golf at the front. If not, pick up your order and chow down on one of the best quick eats in Jeddah. Seafood fans: Shrimp dishes are the signature here with fried and grilled shrimp sandwiches being must-tries. The signature fries and sweets are also worth ordering. Upgrade to the Gamba box to feed a crowd – or for when you’re ravenous.

Best grab & go restaurant in Jeddah: Grip


This Ar Rawdah venue has a range of comforting, carb-tastic eats, including some saucy, topping-loaded plates that are worth the extra napkins. Grip doesn’t do things by halves, and diners are all here for it. The toppings and sauce get a lot of the attention, but the super-thick, toasted-just-right brioche bread that has become the signature is what sets this resto apart. Crucially, the bread withholds all those toppings. This is one place to dine it at you can, but the takeaway boxes make quick bites in Jeddah a breeze.

Best grab & go restaurant in Jeddah: Shurekie


This Ar Rawdah sandwich shop and bakery gives you the option to buy the bread to make your own sandwich or you can get one made in-house. We suggest doing both, because you don’t want to miss a made-to-order meal from here. Shurekie is focused on traditional Hijazi bread called shurek coated with sesame seeds that can then be loaded with a variety of fillings from halloumi to chicken. Lunchtime, snack time, or dinner time, one of these grab-and-go eats works.

Best grab & go restaurant in Jeddah: The Sandwich Gallery
The Sandwich Gallery

SHORTLISTED: The Sandwich Gallery

This casual eatery’s tagline is ‘around the world in one bite’, and that is reflected on the menu with a range of fusion eats that span from America to India to China, and beyond. The sandwiches are often named in reference to their inspiration so you know just where you’re ‘jetting to’ with your quick eats in Jeddah. Expect everything from a Beijing beef meal to Dallas barbecue popcorn chicken to even a Marseille French toast. The concept was started by a group of friends and we suggest bringing your squad to sample your way across the globe while still in Red Sea city.


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