Cafee Shops in AlUla

Coffee Spaces

AlUla is full of destinations for coffee lovers in the natural oasis, which is rich in ancient history. Here is a list of places to enjoy coffee:

Fun additions

Coffee varies in special cup cafe Its menu offers sweets and baked goods filled with melty dark chocolate Al Kanafani Cafe promises you a distinctive experience, as it serves Kunafa stuffed with soft cream, and decorated with pistachios, the Saudi authentic coffee, in which cardamom and saffron mix. In Ahbab Cafe, coffee awaits you, with fresh baked goods that complete the experience

Endless coffee options

Amidst the lush AlUla Oasis, charge your energy with a cup of coffee mixed with condensed milk in Al Jamal Al Wardi Cafe. You can also taste the bitter espresso coffee in Daliy Cup either in indoor or outdoor seating areas. The sweets and coffee menu satisfy all tastes in Cafe Alakaber


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