Cinema AlJadidah to launch AlUla

AlUla Cinema Week engages the community with a program of curated film screenings along with talks and exhibitions

  • The new Cinema AlJadidah is the city’s premier outdoor theatre and showcases arthouse films, blockbusters, Arabic movies and more
  • AlUla Cinema Week programs have been developed in partnerships with the Red Sea International Film Festival

AlUla Arts Festival returns to the city of AlUla, presenting special exhibitions, live performances, and community engagement programs, as well as public art tours and film screenings. As part of the festival, Arts AlUla welcomes a new permanent activation aimed at celebrating film – Cinema AlJadidah is the city’s premier outdoor theatre that will showcase arthouse films, blockbusters, Arabic movies, and more. 

AlUla Cinema week will start on February 23, in partnership with Red Sea International Film Festival, presenting a cinema program filled with Saudi, Arab and international films for 10 days.

AlUla Cinema Week will kick off with a mini red-carpet event and screening of the film Sattar by Abdullah Alarak. The film’s story centers on Saad, a young man who auditions to become a professional wrestler in Riyadh. Though initially unsuccessful, the protagonist’s luck changes when he meets Ali Hogan, who becomes his manager and puts him on track to fulfill his goal. In his journey, Saad meets other striving Saudi wrestlers, all chasing the same dream.

After a red carpet opening and screening at Cinema AlJadidah, a panel discussion on Sattar will take place between the filmmaker, actor Ibrahim AlHajjaj and producer Ibraheem AlKhairallah.

February 24 and 25 will showcase an Arab Shorts and International Shorts program respectively, with short films such as In the Long Run by Youssf Assabahi from Yemen, Zoo by Tariq Rimawi from Jordan, On My Father’s Grave by Jawahine Zentar from Morocco, Tsu Tsue by Amartei Amar from Ghana and Turtle Soup by Choann from Singapore. Saudi short films will be the focus on March 3, with works such as VHS Tape Replaced by Maha Al-Saati, Zabarjad by Hussain Almoutlaq, and Old Phone Number by Ali Saeed.

The Red Sea International Film Festival takeover ends on March 4, other cinema programming will continue until Ramadan with upcoming cinema programs to be announced by Cinema AlJadidah.

During AlUla Cinema Week, visitors can also experience Studio AlUla. Located in a nearby Farm in Ikmah Oasis, Studio AlUla is a fun, interactive space with activities and experiences, including pop-ups where visitors can dress up in famous film costumes or play out their favorite movie scenes in set replicas.

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