City Bike in Al-Khobar

A bike tour by the sea

Enjoy your personal time to rejuvenate and energize yourself, and improve your mood on the shores of the Al-Khobar corniche, where you can take a free and enjoyable bike ride on the designated path near the sea waves. Enjoy the warm sea breeze, the beauty of the vast green areas planted with various exquisite plants and trees, which refresh your day.

Khobar corniche on map



If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry, there is a solution

In the north Al-Khobar corniche, there are many bikes of varying types and prices available for rent through the City Bike store. You can get a large or medium-sized bike with four wheels suitable for family or friends, as well as bikes customized for women with a 24-inch frame and a front basket, in addition to bikes for men with a 26-inch frame equipped with a bag and a mobile phone holder. There are also bikes for children. What distinguishes the store the most is the continuous sanitation of the bikes after use.

City Bike store on map



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