Dar Tantora is set to open in AlUla super soon

New hotel

It’s no secret that AlUla is almost everyone’s favourite staycation location, and when the destination gets a brand-new hotel, you best believe we’re going to be excited about it. Dar Tantora AlUla is coming soon

Named after AlUla’s famous sundial, Dar Tantora will be opening Old Town. The boutique hotel rooms were made from sensitively restored mudbrick buildings bringing back a touch of ancient living with just a hint of luxury

The eco-hotel will be giving you a wonderful sense of history, meaning that you will be getting an authentic old AlUla experience. There are up to five rooms with traditional decor and minimal modern technology to insure you can fully relax and go off the grid for a little bit.

Once you’ve booked your stay, you can enjoy breakfast in the room or set up in the lush neighbouring Oasis. There’s also a special Saudi coffee room which will offer the finest of authentic local coffee experiences, locally sourced ingredients and a mixture of carefully handcrafted decor.

Dar Tantora AlUla will also be home to the traditional Saudi restaurant called Asfar. The venue will serve a colourful menu of Saudi classics made from only local ingredients. Rooftop seating is also available where you can marvel at the stunning AlUla landscape.


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