Dinner Among The Stars At Sky Lounge


From Rosewood Jeddah Hotel’s 17th floor where the Sky Lounge is located

The refreshing cool breeze relentlessly shuffles the clouds around the orange sky like a deck of cards. The waves from the Red Sea below, along with the cars and the people, look miniature – this thrilling scene
is not for the faint of heart.

The 360-degree panoramic view of Jeddah’s waterfront is absolutely breathtaking, allowing you to appreciate beauty from a distance. The scene shifts yet remain equally mesmerizing after the sun has set and the night ensues. A round pool located at the heart of Sky Lounge and surrounded by soft lights becomes the center of attention after the sun sets and the night ensues.

The lounge hosts birthday parties, exclusive group dinners, and other special occasions. A fun outing with friends, a special night with your significant other, or gala dinner is never complete without delicious food, attentive service, and a magnetic ambiance.

That’s the Sky Lounge promise, along with satisfaction in every visit.

Opening Hours

Tuesday5:30 PM–1 AM
Wednesday5:30 PM–1 AM
Thursday5:30 PM–1 AM
Friday5:30 PM–1 AM
Saturday5:30 PM–1 AM
Sunday5:30 PM–1 AM
Monday5:30 PM–1 AM





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