Enchanting the Country with Diriyah Season’s Performances

The Fridge Entertainment has curated a program dedicated to enriching the dazzling performances for Diriyah Season’s Diriyah Nights. giving our local talents a platform to express. 

With handing the audience and local artists a mystical and aesthetical atmosphere, The Fridge Entertainment is highlighting the up-and-coming talents of the Saudi artists. As this program comes to life, Fridge Entertainment is also setting the bar high with their daily shows that nurture fresh talents. 

The Fridge also is home to the entertainment of the Michelin star dining experience ‘Awna’, located at Hegra along with a curated music programme for Ithra in Dhahran and a series of orchestral events in Neom. 

With its second month, Diriyah Nights enters month 2 with a list consisting of daily live performances that are set to mesmerize the audience attending from the country or worldwide. The diverse and culturally rooted program is here to tell a story of culture, traditional values, and intertwining communities. 

Starting on January 1st and ongoing up until February 22nd is featuring a diverse showcase of the region’s most talented vocalists, instrumentalists, and performers, with the historic city of Diriyah providing a stunning backdrop. What makes this even more special is that these events are providing opportunities for Saudi musicians, artisans and performers to showcase their talents in front of a wider audience,” said Frost. “And this is only the beginning! The Kingdom’s entertainment sector is growing rapidly, so we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the many gifted Saudi artists.”

You will definitely experience the authentic rhythms of Diriyah Heartbeat that offers Arabic melodies from Nay players, the beat of the gong and crystal bowls, the sounds of singers and poets, blissful compositions of harpists, and nature-inspired percussive melodies. Diriyah Nights’ programme keeps changing and upgrading weekly, giving a beneficial platform for new and experimental performances in music, dance, and poetry to name a few. 

The Fridge Entertainment’s Founder and Director, Shelley Frost said, “It has been such a privilege to produce these bespoke gems of performances, each tailored to suit the peaceful and organic space. Working with artists underneath 200-year-old palm trees in an oasis of over 20,000 lights, and giving voice to the Najd stories from past generations that walked in this very space as children. We are working closely with the Ministry of Sport to bring their ideas to life, as we link past and present in a very unique way that is heard only in Diriyah. Outside the walls of Diriyah, our team has worked tirelessly to create a diverse selection of breath-taking live events and unforgettable experiences for communities across Saudi Arabia, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The Fridge Entertainment is also offering a list of events and experiences in Riyadh, Jeddah, AlUla, Neom and Dhahran including the development of a powerful and enigmatic soundscape to accompany diners at Awna, a Michelin-star culinary experience located in Hegra, AlUla, as well as a series of orchestral performances for the city of Neom. The Fridge has also developed a curated music programme for the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), commencing this weekend, which will promote local and emerging artists, attract established stars, and further strengthen Ithra’s status as a key destination for Arab music.

Tickets are available from SAR 138 per person.
For more information on Diriyah Season’s Diriyah Nights their website 


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