Explore beautiful Abha, wander through its Fog Walkway

Fog Walkway

The Fog Walkway on the mountaintops of Abha is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Saudi Arabia, providing visitors with the impression that they are wandering among the clouds and fog. The walkway is located in the Al-Dhabab neighborhood and overlooks the Tihama Mountains, where families and friends can enjoy an enchanting experience

For those looking for some respite from the hot summer weather, head down to southern city of Abha. Its cool mountain climate and perpetual rainy and foggy weather attract visitors from around the Kingdom. one of the attractive places to visit in Ahba is Fog Walkaway, here is what you need to know about this attractive site.


The walkway area features many facilities such as a path 600 meters long, pedestrian bridge, hotels, kiosks, restaurants, green spaces, children’s playground, and shaded seating areas extending over an area of 3,000 square meters. There are also parking spaces, prayer room and toilets. All in all, the total area of the Fog Walkway is around 20,000 square meters. Adding to the area’s beauty are several waterfalls popular with visitors; pillars and lighting towers were constructed beside them to emphasize their magnificence during the evenings

Tourism in Ahba

Abha is home to many tourist attractions and archaeological sites. The city also features historical castles such as Shamsan Castle and Shada Palace. Visitors should check out a plethora of private museums, popular markets, and heritage villages such as Muftaha Village, which all add to Abha’s appeal as a premier tourist destination.



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