Famous Resorts in Taif

The pleasure of staying in Taif’s resorts

In Taif city, which is known for its rich nature, dense vegetation cover, and wonderful weather, there are many resorts that allow you to discover the distinctive features of the region and enjoy an exceptional stay.

Narciss Hotel Chalets

Narciss Hotel Chalets are located north of Taif, in a strategic location between shops, cafes and restaurants, about 32 km from Taif Airport. Their rooms contain the latest luxury amenities and are the most appropriate destination for recovery and relaxation trips.

Narciss Hotel Chalets on map


Golden White Resort

The warm reception will overwhelm you as soon as you set foot at the Golden White Resort in Al Shafa district in Taif. The resort consists of a number of buildings that include hotel rooms with balconies overlooking the outdoor garden, a children’s playground and swimming pools. Enjoy the diverse recreational amenities that you will find at the resort, where you will start your wonderful stay with authentic Arabic coffee and delicious maamoul

Golden White Resort on map


Meral Oasis Resort

If you have chosen to stay in Meral Oasis Resort in Al Shafa, you are promised a unique stay immersed in luxury hotel services, as it includes spacious villas with elegant rooms, and balconies overlooking the beauty of the resort. Play in the football field or enjoy playing pool and tennis in the gym, and as the sunset approaches, you can relax in the café located in the middle of the resort

Meral Oasis Resort on map


Aryaf Al Shafa Resort

8 km from Al Rudaf Park in Taif, try visiting Aryaf Al Shafa Resort to enjoy an experience rich with many activities. You can live in the countryside at its farm and enjoy sitting and having various beverages in the café inside the resort. In the Hijazi restaurant there, try the most delicious dishes of Taif

Aryaf Al Shafa Resort on map


Rawaat Ghaym Resort

Follow the paths surrounded by roses at Rawaat Ghaym Resort in Al Shafa to enjoy the shaded seating areas that are covered with white curtains and surrounded by nature. In the middle of the resort, you can find an attractive swimming pool, and children can play in the playgrounds surrounded by the breathtaking green landscapes. The resort is characterized by its comfortable room designs

Rawaat Ghaym Resort on map


Rohara Resort

In Rohara Resort in Al Shafa, the roses hanging on the outdoor seating area, in front of the fun children’s playground, will draw your attention. You will also have fun watching the horses and riding them in a spacious sandy yard. The resort features a café with a beautiful rustic design

Rohara Resort on map


Arayik luxury hotel villas

In the Al Akhbab district in Taif, you can have a special stay in the  Arayik Luxury Hotel Villas. Its hotel villas are equipped with private swimming pools, where you can make the most beautiful memories with your family

Arayik luxury hotel villas on map


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