Guvali Event

About Guvali

With the need for sophisticated pleasure, Within had stayed up orchestrating magical experiences with exceptional elements. A marvellous oasis in the deserts of Al-Ghulaa, that guarantees to astonish attendees and keep them on their toes.  All under breathtaking views and a luxurious atmosphere


Establish a luxury destination under elegant settings and a fancy atmosphere

Never failed to provide unforgettable experiences that kept people on their toes. With a collection of delightful elements, we have gathered and united facilities to create the most pleasurable atmosphere 

Engaging performances with live music under staggering lights, an inclusive lounge that provides various entertaining and enjoyable segments

Services Provided:

  • – Valet parking
  • – Hot and cold bar drinks
  • – Luxurious open buffet dinner
  • – DJs and musicians
  • – 3D view of the mountains
  • – Integrated services and facilities in a luxurious hotel-style

Opening Hours

Guvali event that welcomes you every Friday from 9 pm to 3 am.





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