Izzy Mod finally opens its first branch in Riyadh

The most refreshing summer drinks at easy mode!

Looking for delicious and refreshing drinks with family and friends in the summer season? Visit Easy Mod Riyadh now in its first branch.

After the success achieved by easy mode in Winterland within the activities of the Riyadh season, easy mode comes to you with its first branch in Riyadh to offer you innovative and refreshing summer drinks.

As the capital is sweeping the cry of cold drinks right now, easymod Riyadh is the latest destination to offer a great selection of distinctive and delicious drinks.

وافل إيزي مود

Don’t miss the many refreshing summer flavors from the Easy Mode Riyadh Limited menu, where it offers cold drinks, including cold coffee, refreshing slash drink, and from the types of sweets that you can try in Easy Mood, the only and famous dessert category is waffle.

مشروب الطاقة من إيزي مود

Easy Mode is characterized by an innovative and unique energy drink where it offers a mixture of cold coffee with a ridpool drink in addition to their serp, and if you are a fan of slash, try watermelon slash with Red Bull and enjoy refreshing and innovative cold drinks.

مصاصات إيزي مود

Easy Mood is also characterized by its colorful walls and the way of serving drinks, where the walls fill the lollipops in several colors where each color represents different feelings, you can choose them according to your mood at the moment.

Easy Mode has only two internal sessions.



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