Jazz at Lincoln Center presents Sing and Swing

About the show

The Sing & Swing show takes visitors on a journey through 50 years of jazz songs, highlighting jazz classics presented by legends of this art such as Billy Holiday, Frank Sinatra or else Fitzgerald and Judi Garland.

The show will also include paragraphs from the presentation of the artist Lulwa Al-Sharif, who established herself as the first Saudi artist to present this type of performance.

About the Lincoln Center

For more than three decades, Lincoln has pioneered jazz education globally. This genre of music in its artistic form came from Winston Marslyas from this center, from the heart of New York City to more than 446 cities around the world in more than 40 countries.

Over the past years, the Lincoln Center has provided initiatives and programs to help various emerging artists in the field of jazz to achieve a society that enjoys and enriches the masses with its performances, works and the culture and exceptional learning it acquires through this distinctive destination.

The Lincoln Center has presented music tours as the “Songs We Love” tour and today returns with a tour celebrating jazz’ musical legacy with the Amazing American Songwriter tour with this generation’s brightest stars such as Penny Pinkak, the magician and Clayton’s Eshir, along with a band of rising stars who greet Fina Nostalgia, ancient jazz artists

Join us for an exclusive session of questions with artists after the show ends on May 18 and 19, hosted by Energi Radio presenter Niyaz Aziza!



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