Jeddah’s Alluring Waterfront: A Haven of Enchantment

Sun-Kissed Shores and Sports Galore: Jeddah’s Revitalized Coastlinecircle

opening of the jeddah waterfront

Jeddah Waterfront

Jeddah Waterfront

Mediation Stride

The seaside road stacked meticulously as pieces of Legos will lead you through an inspirational stroll on foot, whether you were shinning alone or glowing enthusiastically with friends, you will have the chance to experience deep meditation as your lungs soak out the fresh sea air of Jeddah. This is the ideal trip to get to know the residents that embody the lightness and sweetness of the coast.

Along the waterfront, you will feast your eyes at the unique artistic sculptures that chose Jeddah above others to be its home. Marvel at extraordinary works by legendary artists such as “Henry Moore” and “Jean Miró”, just as if you’ve received a free ticket to visit an open sea museum. 

Undoubtedly, this is the place that captures the hearts of all, a place that effortlessly infuses joy and rejuvenation into your soul. It is here, in the embrace of Jeddah’s newest waterfront, that visitors fall deeply captivated. Lace up your shoes and embark on an exploration of one of the world’s most captivating seaside havens

Jeddah Waterfront

Joy Track

Along Jeddah’s Waterfront is a 4500- Meter- long sports track, where you can jog freely and take in the warm sunlight and gentle sea breeze. Guaranteed, your soul will thank you for this experience. You can also wander shortly on one of the brightly colored light bicycles, equipped for individuals or groups, and are available for rent for minutes or hours.

Jeddah Waterfront

Nighttime in the Waterfront

Waterfront visits reach its peak time at night, the time when the hidden magic of the Jeddah Sea unravels in moderate temperature. Some, even, opt to visit it after midnight to enjoy the after- two- in-the-morning calm where no sound other than the susurration of sea waves can be heard. 

Jeddah Waterfront

The Most Beautiful Scenery

Standing there, by the fence surrounding the sea, or on the platform that rests on columns embedded in the sea, locally called ‘Seqallah’- which translates to ‘scaffold’, you will witness the most picturesque scenery, at the six in the morning sunrise, as the light crawls over the Waterfront to seem like, with all its sculptures and details, a giant canvas. A scene that will be forever engraved in your memory long past your visit.

Jeddah Waterfront

Accommodation near Jeddah waterfront

If you chose to stay in the luxurious Jeddah Hilton Hotel, you will be within a 7-minute walk from the Waterfront, with the most spectacular view of the wonders of marine life enriched red sea. You won’t be able to curb the enthusiasm for the sea when you gaze through the window in the morning and watch the gold glittering sea under the hovering seagulls in a state of amazement.   

A stay at the Hilton sets you close to unique attractions, one of the vital ones is Prince Faisal bin Fahad Walk, also called “Hilton Walk”, which is directly linked to the Waterfront dreamy night-lit and day joy-filled bridge that reaches its end with the famous Waterfront landmark, the large “JEDDAH” sculpture, where many take memorable photographs.

The mesmerizing Qasr Al Sharq hotel is located two minutes away from Jeddah Hilton hotel. It is ideal for luxury pursuers, in which the view from the top floors overlooking the Waterfront resembles a scene from a literary novel that enthralls you from one detail to another with unparalleled glamorous precision.

Jeddah Waterfront

Seaside cafes

If you decide to end your hike early, or just wanted more for your trip, an array of creative Saudi cafes will welcome you with open door at the Waterfront. These cafes offer outdoor seating with a breathtaking view of the Red Sea, some have upper floors with a panoramic view, while others offer sidewalk seating in the heart of people’s hustle and laughter. Whether you are a Flat White lover or have a taste for V60, either way, you will find what you’re looking for.

Jeddah Waterfront

Markets and Restaurants

Famous fast-food joints stretch along the Waterfront, surrounded by small grocery stores, ice cream parlors, hot salted corn stands served with oozing butter, and a variety of icy cold beverages stands and scrumptious bakeries.

Section-B restaurant is one of the best burger joints just located 6 minutes away from the Waterfront, a place to visit that will surely satisfy all your senses. It serves grilled beef and angus burgers, along with crispy chicken burgers topped with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and sweet potato fries. There is no better way to end this seromucous meal except with their infamous banana pudding.

You will find 9 minutes away from the Waterfront BACO Asian restaurant which serves small to medium sized dishes so that you can try most of their dishes at once. The 5 types of delicious tacos will not let you down, including buttered shrimp with grilled dices pineapples, jalapenos, pickled lemon, and a dash of mayo sauce.

Nearby is the upscale Lebanese Beit Ward Restaurant, which will amaze you with the tasteful dishes from the oriental cuisine. The tender beef kabab dipped in fresh cherry sauce won’t get very comfortable on your table before you devour it, just as one piece is not enough of the instantly mouth-melting vine leaves with a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses stuffed with rice marinated in tomato sauce.

Whether you decide to shop before or after dining, you will not find a better shopping destination than the Red Sea Mall, which is the closest to Jeddah Waterfront; This most preferred mark in Jeddah is only a 10-minute drive away.

Jeddah Waterfront


There are designated playparks placed on rubber flooring expertly constructed to protect the kids from any harm and provide a high level of safety, with the latest innovate equipment that remarkably matches the color shades of the sea and surrounding greenery. You will find at least one of those after every 7-minute stroll. The youngsters will enjoy the playtime surrounded with trees and green landscapes inspired by the scent and liveliness of the sea.

Jeddah Waterfront

Even Technology Loves the Sea

On Jeddah waterfront, you will notice that technology runs almost everything. It is designed to make everyone’s visit unique, effortless, and smooth, as self-service vending machines spread along the pier, and all stores from departments to small booths offer bank card payments, not to mention technological services of surveillance cameras, mobile charging machines, and Wi-Fi.

On map Jeddah Waterfront

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