Mountain trips in Abha

Driving a car becomes a real pleasure in Aseer, as the mountain roads in their details give you an exceptional and amazing experience. Take a family trip to (Aqabat) or take those winding roads that cut through the mountains, to feel the spirit of adventure and discovery, but always be prepared for the waves of fog that add more excitement. 

Enjoy the surprises of the road

On the mountain roads, the environment will not disappoint you with its richness and diversity, and when the road takes you to the tops of the mountains, you will see majestic views. Be prepared to take many wonderful pictures, especially when the lines of monkeys appear on the side of the road.

Aqabat are a group of mountain roads located along the Sarawat mountain range. Its construction began in 1977 as a solution that was able to reach the tops of the mountains.

Aqabat Al-Dhala, located in Rijal Almaa, is one of the most wonderful destinations for a day trip. Its tunnels and multiple views bring a lot of joy, with a distance of 11 km. Aqabat Al-Tawhid, which connects Al-Namas Governorate to Al-Majaridah Governorate, was newly constructed in 2022 with an estimated distance of 19 km. Aqabat Al-Samaa located in Al-Soudah, which was constructed in 1996 with a distance of 7 km. Aqabat Al-Shear descending from Abha to Muhayil Aseer with a distance of 14 km, where you can see seasonal waterfalls with enchanting views in the middle of the mountains, a scene that you would not want to miss out on.


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