Quick Summer Escapes

From a cool breeze to a cultural trip.

Summers are often marked with beach excursions and seeking out crystal clear waters.  If you want to switch it up, we’ve put together some quick trips and highland cities so you can choose the right holiday fanfare for you.


The City of Roses
Known for its vibrant and fragrant roses, Taif grows its beautiful flowers surrounding the wadi and mountains, creating a scenic landscape. Taif’s cool weather maintains soil fertile to produce Saudi’s best apricots, figs, peaches, pomegranates, and more.

Places to see

Al Wahba Crater

Al Wahba Crater is a volcanic crater located on the western edge of Harrat Kishb, which comprises many volcanic cones creating a view so uniquely drawn.

 Al Hada Mountain

On the way, you will pass by Al Hada road which is ambushed by fruit sellers. KSA’s longest cable car resides in the mountain showcasing remarkable views.

 Saiysad National Park

With this park, you will encounter the country’s authentic culture with the ancient Arabic calligraphy, mud buildings, and scenic lake.

 Shubra Castle

The castle displays a blend of Islamic and Roman heritage with its Hijaz architecture. Islamic architecture is portrayed by its arches, doors, and columns.


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