Riyadh: 24 Hours to Experience the Best

Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s capital city And, at almost 2000km sq, Riyadh is the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula

A bustling metropolis, Riyadh is a city that combines modernity and tradition seamlessly. With its rich cultural heritage, vibrant social scene and stunning architecture, Riyadh offers visitors a diverse range of activities.  

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, there is always something new to discover in this dynamic city Make sure your phone is fully charged, as there are going to be a lot of photo opportunities on this tour of Riyadh 

Here’s how to make the most out of 24 hours in Riyadh


Take some packed breakfast sandwiches and some water with you as you head just outside of the city to Wadi Hanifah to start your day. Stroll beside the water or choose to hike part of the 120 kilometres of nature reserve. Whether you choose to go biking or hiking, we recommend taking in some of the gorgeous natural scenery that Riyadh has to offer – and it’s close to the city too. A great spot to grab gorgeous Instagram pictures. 

Enjoy a Traditional Saudi Breakfast 

Tameesa is located in the Alyasmin area. Expect generous portions and classic interiors, and with affordable prices and wholesome traditional breakfast dishes such as shakshouka, falafel, foul, kebdah and more, you’re bound to leave happy


After all that delicious food, a stroll is most definitely needed. As you wander towards Riyadh Boulevard, we recommend popping into new Marbella import Hustle n’ Flow for a freshly pressed, artisan juice. A perfect palate cleanser

Wander Around Riyadh Boulevard 

After you wander around Riyadh Boulevard, it’s time to refuel. Enjoy the cool weather, and pop into a few shops. Of course, you’ll probably need to refuel after your busy morning. So, why not try the famous hot chocolate from Said Dal 1923? With melted chocolate spilling out over the edge of the cup, this is a messy but oh-so-delicious mug of delight. Of course, if you just need a little energy boost, you can also opt for a gorgeous coffee


Now, it’s time for some culture. Visit the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, to discover historic artefacts and art that tells the story of Saudi’s rich cultural past. Located in the heart of Riyadh in the Al Murraba area, the National Museum of Saudi Arabia is close to the King Abdulaziz Palace.  

Hungry? Always

We love pizza. So, we’re going to introduce you to La Rustica in Al Olaya. Flavourful woodfired pizzas are made by hand in this lovely Italian spot. We recommend the traditional Margherita; it will definitely hit the spot and keep that midday hunger at bay. You’ll also need something to calm the butterflies ahead of our next activity


Suspended 300 metres above ground, in the keyhole of Riyadh’s iconic Kingdom Centre building is the Kingdom Centre Skybridge. With views stretching as far as the eye can see, this skybridge offers visitors unrivalled glimpse of the city. The skybridge is also open at night, and when the city is lit up it is awe-inspiring.  

From SAR 69 per adult and from SAR 23 for children. 


After that hair-raising experience, a mocktail might be exactly what is needed. We’re recommending Meraki. Located in the 5-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel, in the Al Faisaliah District, Meraki offers a taste of Mykonos in the heart of the city. Sip on specially crafted mocktails as you’re surrounded by olive trees on the open-air terrace.  


It’s getting dark, but before heading out on the town for the night, we recommend catching the sun setting over The King Abdullah Malaz Park. One of the biggest parks in the Kingdom, this spot is the perfect place to take in the last of the daylight hours. The park has a dancing water fountain too, so pick your spot and enjoy the views. 


There are so many dining options in Riyadh, whether you’re looking for something fancy or a chilled meal with pals – you’re bound to find something everyone will love. For this trip we’re recommending LPM, a fine-dining French restaurant. Although you’ll be seated in Al Olaya – you’ll be transported to Paris with every single mouthful. Expect casual classics, like garlicky escargots and innovative dishes such as Crab Royale. Each dish is very Instagrammable.  

Top Tip: Make a reservation in advance! 


on’t want the day to end just yet? We’ve found the perfect spot for you. Open 24 hours, Pandemic Coffee is one of Riyadh’s coolest new café concepts. Dark, mysterious and rebellious, this is a unique café that is worth a visit. The brownies are delectable, the mojito options are refreshing, and there is a long list of coffee concoctions available. Alongside your drink of choice, why not end the night with a cake to share, or try the two-foot-tall cotton candy wig? Yes, a cotton candy wig, you read that right

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