Riyadh Fashion Week

The event takes place from 20 to 23 October

Don’t miss the event


Mark your calendars because the fashion extravaganza of the year is almost here. Riyadh Fashion Week, the first of its kind, is about to take the Saudi capital by storm. Hosted by the Saudi Fashion Commission, this three-day event, taking place from 20 to 23 October, will be live-streamed, reaching audiences both domestically and overseas.

With a curated lineup of 16 mesmerising runway shows, RFW aims to take guests into the soul of Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning fashion scene. And with 30 designers on board — celebrated and emerging — this fashion event is set to create history as they weave stories through their fabric, form, and unique artistic vision

So who are the creative minds behind the fashion magic? 1886, Abadia, Adnan Akbar, Arwa Albanawai, Atelier Hekayat, Dar AlHanouf, Dazluq, Eman Joharji, Fatima Abdul Qader, Hala Al Gharbawi, Hajrus, Honayda, Jubb, Kaf by Kaf, Lomar, Mazrood, MD29, Moja Maka, Mona AlShebil, Nabila Nazer, Naf, Not Boring, Noura Suliman, Nour AlDhahri, Pavone, Tima Abid, Uscita, Yasmina Q, and Yousef Akbar are the fashion maestros, ready to dazzle in Riyadh.

Just like the fashion weeks in Paris, London, and Milan, RFW is rolling out the red carpet for some A-list celebrities. Imagine the glitz and glamour with the likes of Zendaya, Naomi Campbell, Blake Lively, and a bunch of other stars strutting their stuff in the Saudi capital. But we might have to keep our excitement in check until they actually land here. 

And it’s not just Hollywood’s finest — you’ll also spot buyers and other bigwigs of the fashion world coming together to toast to Saudi Arabia’s booming fashion scene during RFW. It’s not just an event, it’s a style feast that’s going to make fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders drool with excitement.

Riyadh Fashion Week is gearing up to light up the fashion world with its unique blend of tradition, innovation, and boundless creative expression. Whether you’re a die-hard fashion fan or just plain curious about the fabulous Saudi fashion scene, RFW 2023 is the place to be. See you there, fashionistas.

GO: Visit www.riyadhfashionweek.com for more information.

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