Seafood in the Heart of Riyadh

From the Ocean to Your Table

In Riyadh’s seafood restaurants, the tables are filled from end to end with flavours and delectable seasonings of the most nutritious and appetizing fish dishes

Here is a list of restaurants that will transport your senses deep into the sea:

An abundance of menus

Samakiat Restaurant offers dishes that get tastier with every bite, such as: salmon steak marinated with lemon juice and olive oil, and oyster dishes with special dipping sauces. While in Amo Hamza Restaurant, the sayadiyah shrimp dish has a mix of peeled shrimp in a special sauce with a side of rice and spicy chilli

Grouper dishes

From sayadiyah to grouper dishes, the most delicious family meals await you at Saudi Fisheries Company where you can share the deliciousness of the fish with your loved ones. Meanwhile, the menu at Al Nafoura Restaurant caters to the taste of the customers with fried and grilled seafood dishes starting with grouper dishes and ending with soft shrimp, accompanied by the perfect side dishes for your meal

Tasty shrimp options

Shrimper offers your favourite kind of shrimp, be it fried or grilled, and dishes marinated in various mixtures of spices in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Meanwhile, in Shrimplus, customers are given a plastic bib and gloves to comfortably eat their food with the least amount of mess possible At Shrimp Anatomy, a variety of unique flavours are available such as: garlic and butter, lemon pepper, and shrimp nation.

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