Tayma is one of the legendary oases along the ancient Incense Road, connecting Arabia to the great civilisations of Egypt and Mesopotamia, from southern Arabia to the Mediterranean and beyond. Located between the Hijaz Mountains and the western part of the Great Nefud desert, Tayma has been a seat of prestige and power through chapters in history, including being the residence of the last Babylonian King Nabonidus for ten years in the mid-6th century BCE.


The story of Tayma continues to be revealed close to the ground with excavations discovering astonishing artefacts and monuments that shed light on the depth and complexity of the people that lived and thrived in this region thousands of years ago. The discoveries at Tayma have played a pivotal role in changing the narrative of the history of ancient Arabia. For example, findings of tools and ‘warrior tombs’ from the Bronze Age (3rd-2nd millennia BCE) have contributed to changing the perception of this period as being a void or ‘dark age’ in the history of northwest Arabia.

The link between the three oases of AlUla, Tayma and Khaybar has been further strengthened with the discovery of numerous funerary structures along avenues located near permanent water sources, the directions of such avenues suggesting that travellers would have passed often between Khaybar, AlUla and Tayma, providing further hints of the interconnectedness of the three oases.

As our knowledge of this unique region of Arabia expands, we invite you to Tayma, the Land of Kings – a region that has long been considered a sister oasis to AlUla in legacy, legend, and heritage.

Explore the Land of Kings; tour historic sites such as a first millennium BCE Iron Age temple, the largest well in the Arabian Peninsula, and a grand palace. Immersive experiences within Tayma help bring old stories back to life, with opportunities for dining and leisure also available during this guided day tour.

About this activity

  • ~ Groups of 20 or less
  • ~ Live Tour Guide
  • ~ Audio Guide Option Available
  • *Transport from AlUla by luxury bus or private car is available




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