Umluj Beach

About Umluj Beach

Located in the northwestern region of Tabuk province, Umluj consists of 104 islands, sewn together to form an archipelago in the Red Sea. Famous for its serene landscape, white sandy beaches, pristine clear turquoise waters, and virgin islands, Umluj has often been described as the Saudi Arabian Maldives.

The marine life here is so active that you do not have to travel far or search in the depths of the water to locate it; you can easily see it through the beautiful crystal clear water. The picture perfect beaches appear to be straight out of a postcard and are a major source of attraction for locals and tourists alike.

The beaches and islands may be ideal for swimming, sunbathing, bird watching, and water sports. Visitors can take a boat to different islands such as Jabal Hassan Ras, Al Shaaban, and Doqm and relaxing at silk sand and palm-tree beaches away from the bustling city life. Moreover, the locals are extremely hospitable and friendly, which gives the area a fun and laid back vibe.

You won’t see a lot of large ships or ferries in the area. If you want to explore the beautiful water or go fishing you will have to take a small boat. With the passage of time, the popularity of these islands seems to be increasing and Umluj is becoming a favoured attraction for both local and international tourists for its picturesque beauty and its calm, relaxing ambiance.



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