Wadi Namar park

About Wadi Namar park

Imbued in serenity, Wadi Namar Dam Park is reminiscent of a true desert oasis that makes for a rejuvenating retreat while in the city. One of the main features of this beautiful park is the waterfall. It also features a picturesque lake and paved embankments, and the area is popular with families looking to enjoy a revitalizing day out under the sun. As is characteristic of such parks, towering palm trees stipple the area’s expanse and proffer shade to travelers looking for a respite. Its scenic environs attract quite a crowd, hence visiting earlier in the day is recommended for a more tranquil and peaceful experience. Owing to its refreshing atmosphere, the park also attracts joggers and cyclists.

This lake is a good spot to visit with family and friends in order to spend quality time. People often plan picnics and arrange barbeques at a short distance away as they are not allowed near the lake. The area is filled with greenery and palm trees beside the sidewalks and there are hills surrounding the lake. All of this makes the landscape even more pleasing to the eye. 

An electronic water pump has also been installed in the lake. The waterfall beside the lake is a beautiful sight, especially at night when viewed from the WadiNamar promenade when all the lights are lit up. Some ducks and fish can be seen swimming around in the water. There is enough area for families to play sports and ride bicycles. Other facilities such as food stalls and restrooms are also available. Locals especially enjoy this place as it is one of the few natural lakes in Riyadh, so the area can get a little busy and crowded on weekends



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