Work-Friendly Cafes in Jeddah

Many café-goers look for suitable places that allow them to get work done, and cafes have lately become more like workplaces or small classrooms that cater to visitors’ demands for a quiet place with high-speed internet, as well as ideal spaces for holding quick business meetings. If you are looking for this type of work cafes, you will find the most prominent cafes that provide a unique and focused work environment in this article

Ash Cafe & Roastery

Located in Al-Nahdah neighborhood on Prince Sultan Road, Ash Café and Roastery specializes in providing the finest coffee. It is also considered one of the best cafes to work at It includes a variety of desserts, beverages and specialty coffee, in addition to being equipped with the necessary requirements to finish up tasks or study. It is distinguished by its spacious and comfortable area for its visitors, and the walls are decorated with wonderful paintings

Thuluth Café

One of the trendiest cafes on Prince Sultan Road is Thuluth Café It is creative in design and gives you a unique working experience, as its spacious area and beautiful design contribute to warmth and comfort The cafe is characterized by an enchanting artistic atmosphere that celebrates the elegance of Arabic calligraphy It offers a special coffee and beverage menu, not only limited to the traditional types, but also an exclusive selection of homemade drinks, such as pistachio mastic, pistachio rose, berry mocha, and coconut mocha. It also has a hearty and delicious breakfast menu

Jiwar Café

In Al-Marwa district, Jiwar Café draws attention to its warm wooden design facade as well as the cozy details of the cafe from the inside. It is known for providing suitable work spaces inside and out, and has large glass facades that allow sunlight to enter, to provide you with good lighting to help you study, and complete your work. The cafe also offers specialty coffee and delicious baked pastries

Alert Coffee Shop seat

Alert Café is the preferred destination for those looking for a modern, quiet and familiar atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle. It is located in Al-Hamra neighborhood on Palestine Street, and provides a warm working environment thanks to its comfortable seats and its individual and group work tables It offers distinctive and high-quality coffee on its menu

65 Degrees

In Al Salamah district, you can easily spot 65 Degrees Café, where you can do all your work in a warm atmosphere and choose from a variety of the best coffee, or different kinds of baked goods and desserts prepared with special recipes, and snacks, along with a list of skillfully prepared cold and refreshing beverages

Quarter Café

One of the distinctive work cafes in Al-Ajaweed district is Quarter Café If you want to start your day in an energetic atmosphere, then you should include Quarter Café in your list, as this place is very cozy, and inspires and rejuvenates your energy. Green plants are distributed in its corners to add freshness to the place. It serves specialty coffee, cold drinks, as well as delicious pastries and desserts


Gathering is a very well-known cafe in Al-Rawdah neighborhood. Its interiors reflect the beauty of modern design, which adds a unique practical vibe to the place, bringing you closer to the sense of the suitable environment to complete unfinished tasks, study, participate in workshops or hold mini-meetings It also has comfortable and colorful chairs and sofas, in addition to attractive artistic paintings on its walls

Tamped Café

Be blessed with a day full of achievements and head to Tamped Café, where you’ll experience luxury and outstanding service like never before. Its unique decoration and design will make you feel comfortable and you will complete your tasks with pleasure and energy The café is surrounded by an impressive artistic wall that displays icons of international art, and the aromas of pastries and various flavors of coffee are sure to refresh you and encourage you to be more creative

Ancestry Cafe & Roastery

It is the place that will invite you to stay for as long as possible whether to work in the morning or conduct business meetings in the evening Ancestry Café and Roastery in Al-Shati neighborhood is unique with vibrant bright colors, which give you a sense of excitement to complete multiple tasks. It consists of two floors and large spaces for greater comfort and tranquility, with beautiful views of the sea. It offers different recipes for drip coffee, an innovative menu of cold and hot drinks, as well as delicious homemade desserts


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