Xaynor in Neom: Discover the megaproject’s first beach club

If you dream about time travelling into the future, a visit to Saudi Arabia’s Neom might be the closest thing. The megaproject will be home to futuristic features, from flying taxis to glow-in-the-dark beaches. Now, it has unveiled its first beach club, Xaynor, and it’s in a luxurious location.

Xaynor in Neom is located on the Gulf of Aqab. The beach club is for private members, which adds an air of exclusivity. Situated among the rocky landscape, it boasts a secluded seafront spot with an unspoiled coastline.

Xaynor brings together entertainment, leisure and relaxation. The club has a canopy entrance and a pathway down to the beach. Guests can choose to mingle with members or stay solo. The facilities include private pools, beachside lounges, gourmet dining, an entertainment venue, a spa and a wellness centre. Plus, boutique shopping experiences will be available.

Neom is one of Saudi Arabia’s most exciting megaprojects. The development is the size of Belgium and sits north of the Red Sea coastline. The projects range from the world’s largest floating industrial complex to Sindalah Island’s beaches. The $1.5 billion Neom Railway development will connect The Line with Oxagon.

The first hotel in Neom recently opened, too. Hampton by Hilton Sharma is home to 201 rooms and covers 8,200 square metres. Canyan Group signed the development agreement, and the hotel has been designed by Sabbour Consulting. Plus, it boasts sustainable energy-efficient systems.

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GO: Visit www.neom.com for more information.

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