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Saudi Arabia features awe-inspiring natural treasures as well as unique and exciting adventurous activities. Indulging in Arabian adventures help tourists explore its diverse terrain, which majorly consists of desert. The kingdom has a lot to offer to adventure seekers. When in Saudi Arabia, one can participate in dune bashing, hiking, desert safari, and more. Adventures in Arabia remain incomplete without riding on a Camel in the middle of the desert. Camping under the star-lit sky is another unmissable Arabian adventure in Saudi Arabia.

Landscape and climate

Though Saudi Arabia’s geography are diverse; it is primarily arid land with salt flats, gravel plains, and sand dunes. Also, there are a few lakes and permanent streams. As is generally known, much of Saudi Arabia is made up entirely of the desert. However, the kingdom contains hilly areas as well, with peaks as high as 10,000 feet rising in its southwesterly corner. The climate differs from one place to the next. In the summer, temperatures in the desert may reach over 50 °C, while temperatures in the north and center sections of the nation can plummet below freezing during winters.

Top 5 Arabian adventures

Saudi Arabia is full of adrenaline-pumping adventure spots and places, including the world’s biggest sand desert and the gorgeous Red Sea. The nation has a wide range of adventure opportunities that should be on every tourist’s bucket list.

Here’s a comprehensive list of adventurous activities to partake in when visiting breathtaking Saudi Arabia:

1. Arabian safari


The desert safaris include cutting passes through the sand in a 4×4 vehicle. One can also indulge in sandboarding, sand sledding, and sand skiing during the safari. As the days are hot in the desert, the best time to go on a Saudi Arabia safari is in the evening. In the evening, one can enjoy the alluring views of the sandy landscape and the spectacular sunset. Tourists may also take part in a traditional costume photo shoot, which is followed by a spectacular barbeque meal under the night sky.

Activity cost: The approximate cost of a desert safari in Saudi Arabia depends upon the number of people in a group. For Singles desert safari can cost upto 1800 SR for 2-3 persons, it will be around 975 SR per head, and for 4-6 persons, the cost will be further reduced to 900 SR per head. Hence, it is safe as well as economical to conduct desert safari in a group.

Best places: Rub Al Khali and Al Nafud Al Kabir deserts.

2. Dune bashing


Dune bashing is a form of off-roading sport which involves driving a powerful buggy or 4×4 through Saudi deserts. The activity is only for thrill-seekers, and casual drivers should avoid participating in the sport. Dune bashing includes riding the buggy at high speed and making tight turns on the shifting dunes. The real skill is to balance the buggy on the fickle sand.

Activity cost: The approximate cost of Dune Bashing in Saudi Arabia starts from 650 SR onwards.

Best places: Rub Al Khali and Al Nafud Deserts

3. Desert camping


Tourists can take advantage of the deserts, undulating sands, and changing dunes, as well as the beautiful mountains and wadis, to set up a camp. Desert camping in Saudi Arabia offers a serene experience in a serene and pleasant environment. Many tour agencies provide comfortable mattresses, bonfires, and meals in their camping packages. Camping under the stars in the mysterious wadis of Saudi Arabia makes up for the essence of Arabian night tours.

Activity cost: The cost for desert camping in Saudi Arabia starts from 500 SR.

Top spots: Al Ula, Umm Lujj, Saudi deserts, and Wadi Al Dish

4. Camel safari


Saudi Arabian camel safari enthralls visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure among the breathtaking sand dunes. Camel safari is a combination of thrill and excitement that allows one to experience incredible views of the beautiful desert and sample the authentic and native way of Saudi life. Additionally, one gets more time to seep in the surroundings at a much-regulated pace while on the camel safari as compared to a 4×4 Vehicle drive.

Activity cost: The typical cost of a day-long camel safari is around 35 SR. When food, transportation, and lodging are included, the price might reach 100 SR.

Best places: Dunes and rocks of Al Thumama Desert, North Riyadh.

5. Hiking in the desert


The landscape of Saudi Arabia offers several moderate to hard hiking spots. Hikers can perform the hike of Wahba crater, which is a salt bed crater, or can trek on the trail of mystical Wadi Al Dish. Another popular hiking destination is Edge Of The World. The cliff is 300 meters high, offering a spectacular view of the surrounding valley. One can head on to the Al Soudah trek or the Al Ula mountain trek for challenging trails.


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