8 Must-Try Things To Do In Saudi Arabia For Experience Of A Lifetime

8 Fun things to do in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an appealing holiday destination as it offers tourists a ton of activities. From camping in the Arabian desert to scuba diving in the Red Sea, there are a number of things to do in Saudi Arabia. Popular activities in Saudi Arabia not only rejuvenates the tourists but also elevate them spiritually. Further, the country is known for the annual pilgrimage of Hajj and Umrah and is one of the top holy places in the world.

If one does not have much idea about what to do in Saudi Arabia, here is a list of popular activities in Saudi Arabia:

1. Hajj and Umrah


As Makkah houses one of the most sacred mosques, Masjid Al haram in Makkah, an annual pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia is a common practice in most Muslim households. This spiritual and religious trip is undertaken each year by millions of people. Hajj is also considered to be the fifth pillar of Islam and is deemed to be mandatory religious duty amongst most Muslims. Umrah is a minor Islamic pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah that can be made year-round. This makes Saudi one of the most visited countries in the world as millions of people perform Hajj and Umrah regularly.

2. Desert adventure sports

Dune bashing and 4×4 off roading are a thrilling experience to just sear through the open sands of Saudi Arabian deserts. Tourists can just hop into a four-wheeler and enjoy adventurous dusty desert ride. Waking up to a cup of good Arabian coffee after sandboarding and dune bashing is an ideal way of celebrating vacation in the country. Trekking is also among top desert activities to enjoy in Saudi Arabia.

Places to indulge in desert adventures: Al Qarah mountain, Empty Quarters, Al Nafud Desert

3. Camel safaris

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the prime canters for tourism in the Middle East. For people who are looking to experience the rustic charm of the kingdom, camel safari is one of the best ways to do that. Saudi Arabia offers plenty of opportunities for camel riding. Some various landmarks and locations can be toured while riding on a camel. Tourists can also enjoy camel racing events organized in some of the famous tourists cities of Saudi Arabia.

Places to enjoy camel safaris: Al Nafud Desert and Empty Quarters

Places to enjoy camel racing events: The King Abdul-Aziz Camel Festival, Riyadh, The Crown Prince Camel Festival, Taif

4. Opportunities for water sports


Saudi Arabia sits along the coast of the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. Being a sea-facing country, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides tourists with plenty of opportunities for water sports. Swimming and fishing are common activities that one can do in the kingdom without facing any trouble. Tourists can also rent a jet ski and set out in the sea on their water bike exploring the coasts of the kingdom. Beach volleyball is one of the most popular activities amongst tourists. Tourists can also indulge in scuba diving and snorkeling activities to explore the beautiful wonders of Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

Places to enjoy water adventure: Jeddah, Dammam, Khobar, and Al Wajh

5. Trekking


The KSA has a wide variety of beautiful landscapes including high rising mountain ranges. The area between Riyadh and Al Kharj provides tourists with opportunities for mountain climbing and trekking. The area is an elevated desert zone that is much famed amongst visitors. People enjoy taking a walk through the wonderful mountain-scape with contemporary geographical formations. Climbers often challenge themselves to reach the top as the trek is both a calming and blissful one. Mountain climbing and trekking with one’s friends and family can be really fun for most people.

Places with exceptional trekking trails: Al Soudah, and Al Hada

6. Arabian camping

With vast desert and mountains spreading from region to region, Saudi Arabia is the perfect place to try desert camping. The camping experience also includes a variety of other activities such as dance nights, camel rides, sandboarding and safaris. Sky filled with stars during the night and the bright lights of the nearby campfires add to the overall experience. Camping is one of the best activities to try out during the visit to this country. Further, it enthralls one with the mystical aura of Arabian desert.

Places to organize camps in Saudi Arabia: Al Nafud Desert, Al Souda, and Al Hada

7. Visiting the various landmarks


Tourists to Saudi Arabia can explore the various landmarks with significant historical and cultural importance. Saudi Arabia has 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Al Balad and Hegra. The country also has some of the naturally occurring landmarks such as Jabal Al Fil or the Elephant rock, and Edge of The World. There are numerous castles and forts preserving years of history such as Tarout Castle, Aarif Castle and more. Tourists can also visit man made marvels such as Kingdom Center Tower, Al Faisaliyah Centre, and numerous other malls and business centers.

8. Shopping in Saudi Arabia


The KSA has several old markets and souqs offering traditional Arabian products. Tourists can buy famous souvenirs from these markets including camel soaps, Zamzam water, Arabian rugs, Dallah, and OUD perfumes. Shopping at these markets is an experience in itself. While walking through the alleyways of these souqs, tourists can eat some of the most delicious Arabian dishes.


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