Local Restaurants in Riyadh

The Local Flavors Await You

Whether you are looking for the deliciousness of local dishes, or you want to experience new dishes, the local restaurants in Riyadh will allow you to indulge your senses. You will be served a rich variety of the dishes and flavors that shape the culture of the locals.

The Local Flavors Await You

In Alsaudi Restaurant, you are greeted by the delectability of traditional Saudi dishes that have been passed down for generations The restaurant offers the most delicious popular local dishes in their full authentic taste such as: chicken and beef kabsa, qursan, margoog, and jareesh. In addition, you can discover the tastiness of local flavors in  Swalief Aldira Restaurant when you try their madhbi, mandi, or madghout Najd Village Restaurant offers an immersive experience that shows you the authenticity of the flavors, among the Najd spirit and its ancient history

Local dishes from different areas of Saudi Arabia

The city of Riyadh allows you to experience many tastes that are associated with the history of different Saudi regions such as: Jizani Hamour Maghash fish which is prepared by the most talented chefs at Suhail Restaurant. The diverse menu offers a kebab dish that is prepped the Hijazi way, and many other dishes born from Hasawi and Najdi cuisines. Meanwhile, Makki Corner Restaurant offers mathlotha and madfoon, and Maqoluba Restaurant offers a delicious blend of flavors in stir-fried vegetables served with rice and chicken

Local flavors await you

Tameesa restaurant offers a diversity of options for breakfast meals such as: tender liver with tomatoes, coriander, and lemon juice, alongside plates of shakshouka and mutabag. Your breakfast will be accompanied by the scent of cardamom and nutmeg emanating from authentic Adani tea. You can also enjoy a diverse menu of a variety of grilled food and rice plates. You are guaranteed to get the full local experience among the natural and fresh ingredients in Kashounat Al Bait. Try their soft shrimp with bread and special dipping sauces that sate your appetite


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