Al Murabba

About al Murabba

Al Murabba is a destination for the finest restaurants that register during the Riyadh season and offers new and unique flavors that everyone is waiting for every year.

The Murabba area is located in the Riyadh 2022 season in the Saudi National Museum, which is an opportunity to learn about Saudi heritage in detail amid a sensory and visual experience.


Ho Le Fook

The restaurant combines authentic Chinese flavors with a contemporary and bold blend of flavors. The restaurant expresses cantonese cooking with a fine cooking mix.

The Maine Mayfair

A restaurant created by Joey Ghazal comes to you to register its presence in the square area with its creative character. The restaurant serves dishes inspired by Joy Ghazal’s childhood in every country he has visited. The result is a luxurious and varied menu to suit every taste. The restaurant offers jazz performances and attracts visitors to its atmosphere as well as fine dining.

Trattoria 13 Gobbi

An Italian restaurant tells a distinctive and family tale from the 1960s about 3 siblings who redefined the concept of traditional Italian cooking through their distinctive recipes with a refined culinary touch. Don’t miss his experience this year’s Riyadh season.

Opening Hours

9:00-12:00 14:00-21:00 (Sun-Fri)



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