Al Nawras Island, charming destination on the Pearl of the Red Sea

About Al Nawras Island

Al-Nawras Island is described as the waterfront of the industrial city of Yanbu, and it is an important economic tributary and a distinctive landmark with an urban and environmental character comparable to the most beautiful areas in the world, where the beauty of architecture and the splendor of comprehensive planning for all stages of the development of this project. The island includes various investment facilities, green parks, sandy beaches, camping areas, resorts, recreational areas and restaurants, so that visitors can spend a special vacation in the lap of nature

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to majestic beaches and enchanting islands on the Red Sea. Al Nawras Island in Yanbu is one of them. It has been highlighted among “Saudi Winter’s” touristic destinations. Entitled “Winter Around You”, this year’s program runs until the end of March.

Considered a prime destination for those looking to relax at the pearl of the Red Sea; Al Nawras Island draws thousands of visitors throughout the year. This is because of the many unique experiences it offers to visitors of all ages.

Relaxation, the tranquility of mind, and refined recreation define all of the touristic experiences offered to tourists, citizens, and residents. Visitors can fish in the Red Sea; have delicious meals at one of the island’s many restaurants, or camp in the fresh air under the stars.

Wandering in the island’s green spaces or by its fountains is one of the popular experiences for families visiting Yanbu or the island; as it has an abundance of space and tracks to do so. These spaces and paths have children’s games. It also features many spots from which visitors can take panoramic shots of the area’s natural beauty.

Al Nawras is one of the many included as part of the “Winter Around You” program launched by the Saudi Tourism Authority. It has over 17 locations across the Kingdom, where visitors can choose between over 300 packages provided by more than 200 tour operators.


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