Best Places To Visit In Yanbu


Tucked in Saudi’s Arabia’s Al Madinah Province, Yanbu is a lovely city peppered with several interesting places to visit. In Yanbu, the top attractions include heritage buildings, natural islands, a vast lake, recreational parks, a historical night market, and a modern-day mall. Also, it has a long and illustrious history extending back to over 2,500 years. For many years, it served as a rest station for merchants traveling between Egypt, Jordan, and Jeddah on the caravan route. Today, Yanbu tourist places are gaining popularity among travelers worldwide. The city is becoming a famous tourist hub due to its white-sand beaches and calm water which is ideal for scuba diving, swimming, and relaxing.

When and how to visit Yanbu?

Yanbu Weather: Summers in Yanbu are long, hot, muggy, and arid; winters are short, comfortable, dry, and windy; and the weather is typically clear all year. The temperature normally ranges from 15°C to 39°C throughout the year, with temperatures rarely falling below 11°C or rising over 42°C.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Yanbu is between November and May, with the average temperatures hovering between 8°C-31°C.

Ideal trip duration: A 3 nights, 4 days itinerary is ideal for exploring Yanbu.

How to reach Yanbu: One can reach Yanbu by flying down to Prince Abdulmohsin Bin Abdulaziz Airport which is located near the city hub. Yanbu Airport serves both domestic and international flights and operates flights to Dammam, Jeddah, and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. International flights are available from Yanbu Airport to Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt, Istanbul in Turkey, and Dubai and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. After arriving at the airport, local taxis can be hired to take you to your selected location in the city.

Top tourist places to visit in Yanbu

Yanbu has a rich history and boasts unparalleled natural beauty, making it a must-see tourist destination. Here is a list of the top Yanbu attractions:

1. Lawrence of Arabia House – A historical landmark

Lawrence of Arabia House is among the most popular places to visit in Yanbu. It is located in Yanbu’s gorgeous Red Sea city and is a part of the region’s heritage. At the commencement of the Great Arab Revolt, this mansion was home to Thomas Edward Lawrence, a British intelligence officer and military advisor. Lawrence landed in Yanbu in November 1916 to assist Arab forces in overthrowing the Ottoman Empire in The Great Arab Revolt at the end of WWI. It has been in ruins for nearly a century and has only lately been renovated to reinvigorate tourism. Today, Lawrence of Arabia House, a two-story tower with a sea view, has become one of the prime Yanbu attractions.

2. Yanbu Waterfront – A family hotspot

The Waterfront is one of the bustling Yanbu tourist places brimming with thousands of visitors and picnickers. It is calm, clean, and pleasantly sandy. There are parks, beach sports grounds, and pathways along the 11-kilometer stretch of the waterfront, making it a perfect spot for recreational activities. In addition, Yanbu Waterfront features an outdoor theatre with Roman-style columns and circular stairways made of natural sea stone as per Islamic architectural style. Its beauty makes it one the best places to visit in Yanbu for couples and families.

3. Yanbu Lake Park – A popular picnic place

Yanbu -Lake- Park

Yanbu Lake Park is a well-kept park in the city’s affluent southern suburbs. It is an ideal spot for family picnics and is quite loved by kids as there is plenty of open space. An artificial lake within the park is bordered by palm trees present at irregular distances. The lake is regularly refilled with water and the fountains in the middle create a magnificent natural scene. Locals come here to jog, and kids enjoy roaming around in the grass, feeding the ducks beneath the ornamental arches, and playing in the park. Yanbu Lake Park also has a Bird Garden where tourists can spot several migratory birds.

4. Al Nawras Island – A relaxing getaway

The majority of visitors come to Al Nawras island in quest of leisure and recreation. Fishing expeditions and camping under the stars are favorite activities on the island. Green spaces, fountains, and walking paths on Al-Nawras Island make it an excellent spot for families.

5. Yanbu Night Market – A lively local mart

For years, the Yanbu Night Market has drawn throngs of the young and elderly population. It is one of the liveliest places to visit in Yanbu at night. The market dates back hundreds of years to when commercial ships carrying goods from Africa and East Asia and passenger ships carrying pilgrims to Hajj and Umrah docked here. Sailors and fishermen nicknamed it as “night market” because they would buy necessary items from the market shortly before sailing in the early hours of the morning. The fisherman would come back to sell their fresh catches, and the market became recognized as one of the best in the region. Here, thousands of fishers have been setting up their shops for decades, and the current generation is carrying on the tradition by selling their catch to locals and restaurants.

6. Beach Garden – A tete-a-tete with aquatic life


Established by Yanbu Industrial City Authority, several green spaces and parks create amazing tourist places in the city. North Park, Al Subh Park, and Al Fairouz Park that overlooks the sea is along the Yanbu Industrial Corniche. These parks have various facilities like parking lots, walking tracks, shaded beach areas, food kiosks, and children’s play areas. The Sharm Beach, Northern Beach Cornish and the Royal Commission Beach are popular for their diverse species of sea animals, beautiful coral reefs and turquoise water.

7. Dana Mall – Splurge and enjoy

Sprawled over an area of 44,000 square meters, it is home to major brands like H&M, Mango, and Red Tag with tiny boutiques. Dana Mall also houses an amusement park and a 21-screen movie complex. There are also several high-quality restaurants and cafes inside the mall where visitors can try out delicious dishes. The mall is one of the most popular places to visit in Yanbu.

Yanbu has established itself as one of the most beautiful locations for corporate and leisure travelers thanks to the numerous Yanbu attractions. It also intends to rapidly transform its travel industry and become a major tourism hub under the ‘Vision 2030’ plan. The city has well connected tourist spots and offer excellent staying options.


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