Aljabal Alakhdhar Park


Aljabal Alakhdhar Park is in the  tourist Al Hada Road, and such a popular park gets advantage of the surrounding environment, with its scenery and lovely weather, and the park tops the list of tourist attractions in Taif, because of the variety of available activities for enjoying it. The park opens for visitors at 2 PM and closes at 4 AM

Aljabal Alakhdhar Park Facilities

The park is a destination for the whole family There are games for adults and even children under 6 years. The park has a restaurant, cafes, green spaces, seats for families and individuals, shops and exhibitions that provide basic and recreational needs. There are also service facilities

Aljabal Alakhdhar Park Facilities

What really distinguishes Aljabal Alakhdhar Park is the electrical games space, located on a geographically varying area, between plateaus, mountains and low lands. The “Topjan” game cart runs from top to bottom, and you can control your speed and increase it for excitement, or slow down to enjoy the views around you, and for greater pleasure, you can complete the game by heading to the high “Ferris Wheel” that offers a view of most of the city’s landmarks to keep the Adrenaline flows for a longer time. Finally, you can relax and try the delicious menus of food served by the park cafes, kiosks and restaurant



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