All about AMAALA: the world’s first integrated family wellness destination

Choose from one of 3,000 hotel rooms AMAALA. It’s a catchy name. It’s also the world’s first integrated family wellness destination, and it’s coming to Saudi.AMAALA is a Saudi mega-project coming soon that promises to provide a year-round experience of luxury, wellness, arts, family time, and more. Are you ready? Here’s everything to know about AMAALA.

What is AMAALA?

AMAALA is one of the Saudi’s giga-projects and a major contributor to the achievement of Saudi’s Vision 2030. The projects aims to generate new standards of luxury and wellness through harnessing and building a more sustainable economy by developing a new take on tourism in the Kingdom. It also promises to incorporate cultural experiences in the to the citizens of Saudi as well as visitors from around the world. AMAALA’s mission is one of great prospective comprehensive developments supported by top-tier luxury integrated into resorts and other facilities.

Where is AMAALA

The luxury destination will be developed over three sites in the Prince Mohammed bin Salmon Natural Reserve located between NEOM and the Red Sea project covering 3,800 square kilometres. It is one of the six royal reserves in the country.

Has construction of the AMAALA project started?

AMAALA has secured a SAR1 billion infrastructure and utility contract meaning that the first phase of the project can now begin. The first phase of the project will focus on the Triple Bay masterplan that will house eight hotels consisting of a total of 1,200 hotel keys.

When will the project be completed?

The project is scheduled to be complete in 2027 and will promote and enable a rising growth in the Kingdom’s tourism sector.

What are the three key pillars of the project?

The mega-project is anchored around three key pillars including wellness, healthy living and sports, artand culture and sun and lifestyle. Each core element promises to offer world-class standards.


What are the sub projects of the development?

As mentioned previously, AMAALA consists of three main sub projects including Triple Bay, The Costal Development and The Island. Each of the three main developments will incorporate individual aspects of the three key pillars aforementioned.Currently, the development of the Triple Bay masterplan is in motion and will host eight hotels with a total of 1,200 hotel rooms up for completion by 2024. The bay area will include 11 kilometres of road with over 2,400 already on-site.

Is AMAALA part of Red Sea Global (RSG)?

The project is being developed by the Red Sea Global (RSG) previously known as The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) which is fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). RSG is a leading multi-project developer in the Kingdom looking to achieve a sustainable future by establishing new standards and developing a growing level of tourism through ambitious ventures.

How big is the AMAALA project?

The year-round destination will cover 4,155 square kilometres and will offer 3,000 hotel rooms across 25 hotels.

How many contracts have been signed?

As of September 2022, AMAALA has signed over 300 contracts worth SAR6.62 billion with over 98 percent of the contracts given to Saudi firms showcasing a strong commitment to boosting and supporting the local economy.


What makes AMAALA different?

AMAALA is an ultra-luxury destination that will offer guests a unique experience of culture, arts, fashion, wellness, sports and more. The Red Sea project will offer natural diversity through unique heritage sites in an outstanding geological location including Madain Saleh and AlUla. The Coral Reef of the Red Sea will also offer an opportunity to explore the protected eco-system and will one of the world’s last pristine marine ecosystems.


As mentioned previously, the area will offer approximately 3,000 hotel rooms in 25 hotels, 900 luxury residential villas, apartment, estate homes, fine-dining restaurants, wellness and recreational centers and retail establishments. The zero carbon location will be powered by renewable energy and is currently working on various progressive plots including the AMAALA Yacht Club, the Red Sea Marine Life Institute, The Marina, and the Wellness Core in addition to three of the first hotels.

What’s the deal with the immersive experiential marine life centre?

Designed by Forster + Partners, The Red Sea Marine Life Institute will act as a scientific research centre and tourist destination. The space will house 10 zones offering everything from augmented reality experiences to night diving. The centre will be located in the Tripe Bay development and will be able to host up to 650 people at a time.The facility will also hold the world’s largest man-made reefs at a length of 40 metres and a depth of 10 metres. The 10,340 square metre institute will be located on the waterfront of the bay and will be comprised of three levels including one level above ground and two below ground with panoramic views of the Red Sea. It will also have exhibition displays in semi-spherical tanks


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