AlUla: For the Thrill Seekers

If the thrill is what you seek, give this a peek

Madakhil Hiking Trail

This intermediate-level hiking trail allows you to tour the desert along with its canyons, gorges, and cliffs. Perfect for early-morning risers as a picture-Esque start to the day. Twenty-five minutes away is Winter Park where there are food trucks providing warm refreshments for a quick power boost before you’re off to the next adventure

Adventure Canyon

For those of you who love a good adrenaline rush, Adventure Canyon is a perfect stop. Here, you can experience the desert in a thrilling way, through zip-lines, dune buggies, and fat bikes. Operated by Husaak Adventures, it is perfectly safe and led by experienced guides.


A forty-five-minute journey from Adventure Canyon is Shaden, where you can wind down after the excitement of the day. You can relax and reflect on Elephant Rock that has been naturally carved through the years due to the weather. You can horseback ride through the desert, or witness the astonishing landscape by taking a tour in a Jeep. This site would be perfect to experience at both sunrise and sunset.


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