Top Summer Do’s in Riyadh

Pack your shades and get ready to say hello to summer vibes in Riyadh!

Experience the summer months like a real Riyadh with this ultimate list—how many will you get done before the seasons turn?

Head out for a hike

Take a hike to Riyadh’s very own Edge of the World, a stellar tourist spot located 96km northwest of Riyadh along with the Tuwaiq escarpment Balance along the edge of the cliff s for a jaw-­ dropping view.


 Saddle up!

From novice to jockey, Riyadh has many places that offer horse riding experiences to equestrian enthusiasts. Hop on a horse and gallop down the tracks and turn into a full-fledged pro by way of riding lessons.

Unleash you free spirit at Baunce

This massive indoor trampoline park is packed with loads of activities-a perfect answer to the summer boredom. The venue gives freedom to unleash your free spirit on the trampolines and is packed with intecconnected trampolines, a dodgeball arena, slam dunk, super tramp, and lots more.


 Stroll along the lakes

While there might not be a pristine beach in the city, luckily there are lakes to lounge around next to. Here you may also find yourself sharing a spot with friendly ducks always ready to be fed. These lakes have family areas with paddling pools and play areas, plus a lot of other activities.



Go Bowling

Bowling can be a fun getaway with family and friends, whether you’re a skilled bowler or a gutter-shooter.

So go ahead-lace up and head for some bowling action at these spots:

Universal Bowling Center

 Intercontinental Bowling Center


Yalla Bowling

Become a Creative Genius

Enroll yourself in one of the courses offered by Curios and learn from their teeming creative workshops. You master painting with oil colors and acrylics and drawing with coffee beans.


Desert Shenanigans (Best during Sunrise!)

Blast your way around the marvelous sandy dunes, this is a must-try out off­ road driving. Get out into the elements and enjoy the thrills, twists, turns, and spills of riding these ATVs!

Going to the Red Sand Dunes at Thumama Desert. Too hot? Best to head out at the crack of dawn!

Immerse yourself in the history of Saudi Arabia

The National Museum is a state-of-art must-visit place in Riyadh that depicts the history of the Arabian Peninsula from the earliest days of geological history. Featuring eight chronologically arranged halls with well-curated exhibits, it also provides bilingual translators to give you a tour of the museum.

Web: nationalmuseum.org.sa


Survive a zombie apocalypse at Zero Latency

Team up with your friends and take on the challenge to survive a zombie apocalypse or investigate a secret military space station. Zero Latency is an immersive VR playground arcade that others wide selection games.



Take a walk back In time

Feel like a royal with a tour of the Satwa Palace, the first residence of the Al Saud royal family. Located in Diriyah, the jewel of the Najd region and the home of Kings and heroes. Diriyah is where the Al-Turaif historical district sits, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Discover the old Al-Dirah souk

Al-Dirah souk is a gold mine of vintage pieces and a popular tourist destination for traditional. Offering an authentic Naidi shopping experience, the features winding corridors filled with everything from farwa and bisht, Iranian carpets, relics, and antique books.


Experience Riyadh’s best urban panorama

Situated on the 99th noor of the iconic Kingdom Tower, the Skybridge gives you a spectacular view of the Riyadh skyline and the bustling city below. To get there. enter the Kingdom Center and hop on the elevator that takes you to rho 77th floor, from where another high-speed elevator whizzes the visitors to the Skybridge.


Get In the action at 1st Paintball

Paintball is the place for the adventurous, sprinting, wild yet fun souls of Riyadh. The arena is professionally designed and offers outfits and other necessities for the game. If you’re looking for unmatched fun. 1st Paintball is the go-to activity with your friends.

Location: Al-Rimal, Al-NajahStreet
Web: 1stpaintball.com

Book an Escape Room

The outdoors can be pretty cruel to a lot of us with its biting cold. To fulfill the needs of your adventurous soul.you should totally try out one or many of the escape roomsscattered throughout the country. You could be Mr. Holmes for a day and solve the killer puzzles with your team.

Visit the Saqr Al Jazira Aviation Museum

The Saqr Al Jazira Aviation Museum Caters to aircraft models, military aviation, and space exhibits that space the history of aviation in the Kingdom. On the grounds of the museum, one can almost see the evolution of such lines
of planes like the Dakota DC3, which is the first civil aircraft that flew King Abdulaziz.

Location: EasternRing Rd., King Abdullah St.


The aesthetically-pleasing King Fahad National Library holds a wealth of knowledge, from local to international manuscripts, paperback, and countless literary classics to histories, as well as a collection of rare photos.



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