Aseel Resort

About Aseel Resort

The concept and design of Aseel Resort is influenced by the Kingdom’s distinctive heritage and history. You’ll find beautiful Saudi Arabian artistry and ornate craftsmanship made by locals all over the space. We made sure to combine the authentic atmosphere with a modern approach, offering a transportive stay that still keeps visitors in the comfort and luxury of our present day amenities.


Aseel Resort started out with two farms, Samhan and Al Wadi. Now, we expanded with two new farms, Ad-Diriyah and Jal to allows both of our local and international guests to experience the hospitality and charm of the city.


The Ad-Diriyah region holds historical significance to Saudi Arabia a sit was the home of the first Saudi royal family. It later on became a strategic historical passage for traders and religious travelers from allover the world.

Just a car ride away from Riyadh, this city was built right on the beautiful oasis of Wadi Hanifa. Ad-Diriyah’s old town, that is known for its peculiar mud-brick houses, was once a thriving hub of commerce and culture.



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