Best bakeries in Jeddah 2023

Best bakeries in Jeddah 2023

Freshly baked goodies you will want to buy by the box

Bring on the bread, buns, babkas and more brilliant baked treats. If you’re after the best bakeries in Jeddah, follow your nose (and our tips) to these top spots. Whether you’re starting the day, looking for a midday snack or are looking for something for a big occasion, these are the places to go to. From home-grown spots to great international imports, Jeddah’s baking scene is as fresh as a croissant straight from the oven. These are the best bakeries in Jeddah at the 

Best bakeries in Jeddah

Best bakeries in Jeddah: Bread Ahead
Best bakeries in Jeddah: Bread Ahead

WINNER: Bread Ahead

Straight from London, Bread Ahead is taking Jeddah’s pastry scene to the next level category. When it came to the Red Sea city, there were queues around the block. To this day, diners continue to line up for freshly baked bites, including those signature doughnuts and cheesecake. If you want to learn how to make the baked goodies at home, the Al Zahra venue has classes available, but nothing can really top the versions made by the experts hence by Bread Ahead was named the best bakery in Jeddah.
Al Zahra, .

Best bakeries in Jeddah: Sweet Bread
Sweet Bread


Sweet Bread doesn’t just stop at loaves. Bite-size cakes, date cupcakes, fruity loafs, muffins, toast, mini waffles, croissants – you name it, Sweet Bread has likely got it. And it is highly likely you will want to sample a bit of everything at the Al Andalus bakery. It’s located in a bustling complex, but there is a reason this place is frequently filled, earning a spot on the best bakeries in Jeddah list.
Al Andalus,

Best bakeries in Jeddah: The Social Bakery
Best bakeries in Jeddah: The Social Bakery


Get inspired by the name and bring your friends and family for breakfast at this popular Ar Rawdah spot. Alternatively, you can pick up a range of baked treats to enjoy at a picnic. The selection of sweets, including the blueberry tart, croissants and meringues is so tempting, that dinners will go from The Social Kitchen next door and pick up something at The Social Bakery. It doesn’t matter how full they are. Your stomach could be bursting but thoughts will still be on the sweet.
Ar Rawdah, 

Best bakeries in Jeddah: 5th Bakery
5th Bakery


This bakery ranks highly among Jeddah residents. Step into the artisan bakery and be greeted by the aroma of freshly baked bread. The concept was launched in 2020, and it inspired by the ancient Greek philosophy that the universe is made up of the four elements main elements: earth, air, fire and water. The bakery proudly adds flour as the fifth. That’s something we’re all for, especially when there are baskets of loaves and baguettes, waffles and generously filled tarts involved.
Emar Jeddah Gate, Al Fayha, 

Best bakeries in Jeddah: Blu Jam
Blu Jam


You will likely never feel blue after visiting this long-standing bakery in Al Hamra. With pastry case upon pastry case to choose from, it’s best not to come here too hungry, otherwise you will want one of each from the sprawling selection. Between croissants and cakes, eclairs and rolls, there is something for every mood. The danishes and fatayer come highly recommended. It’s also one of the best bakeries in Jeddah for its sheer variety.
Al Hamra, 

Best bakeries in Jeddah: Breaderie


This Al Andadus spot is meant to be your neighbourhood bakery. Even if you’re not based in the neighbourhood, you might find yourself making the trek to Breaderie so you can stock up on the range of loaves and pastries. The selection is vast with organic and gluten-free bread available as well as a mix of classic and more inventive flavours that run from Europe to the Middle East. Get everything from a cheese borek to an organic buckwheat loaf. Don’t forget your coffee.
Al Andalus, 

Best bakeries in Jeddah: Joyn


Tucked away in a quiet complex in Al Mohammadiyyah, the window sign directs you to ‘crazy good bakes inside’. Joyn strives to deliver on that promise. Whether you’re team savoury or sweet, there are a variety of tempting choices from sandwiches and dips to desserts like caramel pie and fruit tarts. The range spans from Europe to the Middle East, with crackers and cookies also available in gift-ready jars – although you might find it hard to give the Linzer cookies away. This is one of the must-visit best bakeries in Jeddah. 
Al Mohammadiyyah, .



With its industrial-chic vibe and relaxed atmosphere, Knead Bakery is an excellent place to while away a few hours. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dining solo or brunching with a group of friends, you should feel right at home here. You can also grab one of the breads for takeaway. Good luck deciding between the range of options available including focaccia, multigrain and honey wheat. We just heading over for a big breakfast then getting some sweets for takeaway. Win, win.
Al Khalidiyyah

Best bakeries in Jeddah: Tomillo’s Bakery
Tomillo’s Bakery

SHORTLISTED: Tomillo’s Bakery

The sister bakery to Tomillo by Samra, the Al Naeem spot is singularly focused on doing one thing and doing it very well: madeleines. Take your pick between savoury and sweet versions of the classic French treat. There are traditional favourite flavours as well as unique fusion options. Look out for everything from thyme and cheese, spicy and pepper to lemon, double chocolate, and pumpkin spice. It’s one of the best bakeries in Jeddah when you’re searching for French sweets.
Al Naeem, 

Best bakeries in Jeddah: Yana Bakery
Yana Bakery


Are the best bakeries in Jeddah? This venue is a contemporary and fresh spot. You’ll find all the classic baked goods you know and love, with twists that might just become your new favourite. (Give them a try.) Step into the Ar Rawdah venue and take your pick from the range of options from keto-friendly bites to hearty breakfast fare. Just know that pastries reign supreme and no order is really complete without them.
Ar Rawdah,


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