Best gymnastics classes for kids in Riyadh

A fun way for little ones to get active

Struggling to keep the little ones busy or away from their screens long enough? We’ve got an idea for you, Riyadh. Gymnastics is a great activity to keep them occupied and moving. Gymnastics is a sport that promotes and requires balance, strength, flexibility, agility, endurance and coordination.

In Riyadh, your gymnastic class options for kids are mostly mixed affairs, and if you’re looking for single-sex classes, some of these do get separated at certain ages. So get ready for a truckload of cuteness and while your kids might not be somersaulting like Simone Biles by the end, you can’t help but admire just how delightful the little ones look in these classes. So, put your best foot forward, as here are the best gymnastics classes for kids in Riyadh.

Fit ‘N Kids

If you’re looking for an academy that trains your tiny tots into the next great Olympian
at a very young age, this is the place for you. At Fit ‘N Kids, it introduces kids to skills required for the Olympics when they are as young as 18 months old.

The classes are divided into six levels set for each age. Starting them off young, Wiggle Worms (yes, they are that cute) is for toddlers aged between 18 months and three years, they also offer preschool classes for three to five year olds, and so much more. The age range for all of their classes is four to fourteen for girls, and four to eight for boys. These classes are mixed up until the age of eight, after which only the girls can continue.
Open Sat-Thu 10am-8pm.

My Gym KSA

My Gym is one of the popular spots for kids’ gymnastics classes in Riyadh. It aims to promote healthy and active lifestyles in children. Home to Zumba parties, cardio kids, and so many more exciting events, this is the hub great physical activities for kids in Riyadh. It has a fun atmosphere and seriously helpful trainers that will take your tiny tots to the next level. Toddlers as young as 14 month olds can join in.

If you’re more about letting them have fun, serious gymnastics training begins only from the age of six to eight. Your kiddos can chill with loads of games to keep them engaged, and learn a few gymnastic tricks along the way too. As for the co-ed split, boys up to ten years of age and girls up to age 13 can join the mixed classes.
Open Sat-Thu 10am-9pm. Exit 5, King Abdulaziz Street, 

The Learning Zone

One of the most entertaining spots on this list, this indoor gymnastic course is one your kids don’t want to miss. There are 12 classes, twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, with delightful trainers ready to help them every step of the way.

And the best thing? The first class is free, so if gymnastics isn’t your kid’s thing then you haven’t just lost any money. Girls and boys are together when aged four to five, and after that it only welcomes girls aged six to ten. With blue and red colourful cushioned indoor areas, and activities like face painting and games, this might just be a kid’s paradise.
SAR1,600. Open Sat-Thu 10am-8pm. Closed Fri. Al Takhassousi, An Nakheel, 

Tiny Dancer

This family-owned dance studio was created in 2015, and the trainers are all Saudi women, so there’s no need to be shy. The studio offers lots of dance classes for kids and specialises in gymnastics classes for kids.

The gymnastics classes aim to ditch the workout atmosphere and hop on the fun train, hence the class motto “ditch the workout, join the party”. The gymnastics classes here start at age three and go on until age seven. The trainers are kind and welcoming, so your kids will definitely be in safe hands. It also offers adult level classes too, so if you’re interested in learning some tricks, sign up for the classes.
Makkah Al Mukarramah Road, Al Mathar Ash Shamali, 

Zero G Academy

Now this is an academy that focuses especially on gymnastics, it follow the USAG junior Olympic program, and aims to make the next Louis Smith (one of Britain’s more recent top gymnast). With catchy and confident slogans like “We make champions,” this place certainly aims to inspire and instil discipline into kids.

The trainers are mostly Saudi women that are highly trained in the field. Participants must be aged from three year to ten years for boys, and three to 12 for girls. Recently though, after growing demand, it has introduced a class for teenage girls aged 13 and up too.
Open Sun, Tue, Thu 10am-8pm. Mon, Wed 12pm-8pm. Sat 11am-8pm. Closed Fri. Al Imam Saud Ibn Faysal Rd, Al Aqiq, zerogksa.com


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