Boost Jeddah is an unforgettable entertainment experience

About Boost Jeddah

.Boost is an exceptional entertainment center located in Jeddah, offering a wide range of exciting experiences and entertainment options for visitors of all ages, where the place will offer you an unforgettable entertainment experience with more than 100 games in different categories to ensure the highest levels of happiness and injection of adrenaline

Boost games

Virtual Reality: Enter a digital world of fun and experiences with Boost’s great VR games. Experience great adventures, live the imagination with virtual reality headphones and more

Arcade Games: Indulge in the excitement of the Arcade Boost section, which features a variety of classic and exciting games. Challenge your skills by shooting basketball, gun games, car and motorcycle racing, and classic boxing to test your strength

Jackpot Games: Test your luck and win great prizes at Boost Games, try your hand on the claw machine for stuffed games or ticket prizes for rewards. Embrace the excitement of these luck-based games and watch the surprises that await you

Motor Games: The active and motor games section is a favorite of customers, providing a selection of five main attractions that ensure the adrenaline rush to the maximum score, as it includes

. Roller Glyder: Experience the delightful journey of the first Roller Glyder of its kind in Saudi Arabia. With a long line that runs along the city of games and many curves to reach maximum enthusiasm

Laser Plast: Engage in an exciting laser game with friends at Boost Laser Plast Square. He fought them in a bleak battlefield, with an out-of-room TV screen for parents to observe the event indoors

Donut Slide: Get ready for an exciting adventure on with floating donuts, descending a slope that concludes with a small jump before landing delightfully

Super Ranger Challenge: Young football fans can put their skills to the test against a computer-generated goalkeeper, see if you can beat the goalkeeper and score a goal in this exciting challenge

Bowling Lounge: Featuring a four-lane bowling lounge, Boost is ideal for private reservations or group gatherings. And with the colorful lights and the music box playing the best songs from all over the world you will get a definitely unforgettable experience

Simulation Games: Boost also offers simulation games throughout the park, most notably Formula 1 simulations. Feel the excitement of the race as you test your driving skills and indulge in a real-life experience.

. Mini Boost: Mini Boost offers games and activities for children, where children can try many different games designed specifically for them and for more fun do not forget to try cotton candy for more happiness and departure

Other Boost sections

Post Celebrations: Post provides a dedicated section for hosting birthday parties and special events. The Post celebration team ensures an unforgettable celebration is presented by arranging the decorations and theme according to your preferences

.=BoostIt: With fun and activity, you didn’t forget the food post, where you can enjoy a range of delicious options for all foods such as pizza, pasta, burgers and specialty coffee drinks

Boost Out Service: Take advantage of the premium Post service, which allows you to rent your favorite games for any occasion, where they will deliver the games to the location you want for your rental period

. In the end, Boost is arguably the perfect destination for entertainment in Jeddah, combining a wide range of games, immersive experiences and exceptional services. Whether you’re looking for exciting adventures, family fun, or a special partying occasion, Post ensures an unforgettable experience


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